Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blog 250: My First Column for!

So yah... your girl is a writer. We all knew that... but how about the title "online guest columnist," as if I don't have enough hats to wear already! ;-)

Well its true, my first article on Fetish and Black Folks is up and online at West Coast Productions new website!

Be sure to check out the column and send your questions and comments to the editor (so I can get more work,) AND leave those kudos here dammit. :) (Yes, I'm being greedy.)

Also, if you missed last Friday's show on Fetish at Nite, you missed a great one! Orpheus and I did a flogging demo and he set me on fire live on the air! It was gorgeous!

Ok.. off to bed. Spa day and production meeting with Orpheus tomorrow for the show!


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