Friday, August 17, 2007

Blog 258: Foot Parties, Tickling and Fetish at Nite!

Some of you know that I am very involved in the Fetish Industry and community... and may have read on my blogs that I am frequently a "feetured" model at the local LA Footnight parties. Footnight,, is a private club that meets in several cities where men with foot fetishes can meet beautiful women with even more beautiful feet. :)

These parties offer the ability to indulge in whatever your foot kink is (within legal limits, ie, no foot jobs! No Sex!) The parties have a pre-set tribute of $20/ 10 of foot worship or foot domination for all foot play at the events, and the ability to set up private sessions with the foot model, Dominatrix, college student, or woman of your choice that you meet at these events. The parties are a lot of fun and usually have free food and beverages so you can eat, drink and be merry while playing with some cute tootsies. ;-)

Last night, I flew to Vegas for the Vegas Footnight party. It was my first time attending this party, but I am so glad I went! The party was a lot of fun for me! I did a range of sessions from sensual foot worship to an extreme double trampling session that included throat & face standing with the lovely Phoebe.

I also had a first time experience... (something totally rare for me... I thought I'd
experienced it all!) I was tickled by this guy from Providence, RI. He restrained my feet and legs and just started tickling me! I felt so out of control that I thought I would pee my pants! :) Next thing I knew, I had been tickled by 3 different people last night! One of the ticklers goot me really good.. he tickled my under arms, ribs, inguinal tunnel, feet, behind and on top of my knees. I was literally begging for mercy by the time he was done. I think I've found a new fetish!

So what's up next... I hear that the OC and San Diego Footnights are coming up in
September and I've been having so much fun at these parties that I am planning to go to both events. While I won't plan to stay over in Anaheim after the OC Footnight Event (it is close to home,) I am thinking that if there are enough interested parties, I'll stay the day after the San Diego party to meet a few fans & friends. If you're in the San Diego area and are interested in booking an appointment, let me know! Of course, you don't have to have a foot fetish to get together with me in San Diego! ;-)

San Diego Footnight is September 6
OC Footnight (in Anaheim,) is September 8

Also, Footnight is having their 5th Anniversay Party on September 20 in LA! I will definitely be attending this event as well!

If you'd like to attend any of the Footnight events check out for more information! Also, I have a profile on their new website, for those interested in foot worship or foot domination sessions only.

Also, my weekly talk show on Fetish at Nite is actually going to be merged with Blue at Night this evening. Be sure to check out Vanessa Blue and I from 8pm -10pm tonight FREE on!

~*~ Sinn ~*~

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