Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blog 311: There’s no place like home...

I've been back home for a few days and I will say the show went better than I expected. She got in one good jab, but it will basically make her look like a bully as opposed to making me look bad. I got lots of face time in her little social experiment, and it was funny/ sad hearing her say that she was surprised at how easily I took the role of leader so easily... (I know, porn stars aren't supposed to be intelligent...)

All in all, the show airs November 17, and was changedfrom "Pornville" to "Porntown."

Let me know what you think!

My 3rd day in NYC was amazing. I did a photo shoot for in Yonkers then returned to my hotel to eat, shower and head out to a couple of concerts. I was scheduled to attend the Busta Rhymes concert at the Knitting Factory, but I went by the Bowery Ballroom to see Murs instead. The opening acts, with the exception of Big Pooh, were incredibly wack. I almost got into a fight with a bitchy, unattentive bartender... At the end of the night, I said goodbye to Mr. Len, hopped in a taxi and headed to my favorite bar, APT, to listen to my boy Rich Medina spin on the 1s and 2s. The club had been taken over by a police state, and was NOTHING like what I was accustomed to... ID Scan at the front door, body and bag search as you walk in... It was scary. I met up with Craig G, partied for a bit, then we departed with my girl Mistress Alexa to Santos. The second club was empty.. so back uptown to my hotel. Craig and I sat up chatting for a few hours until I passed out... mostly about my relationship with Jax and his relationship with this hottie Latina. I love getting a guy's perspective when it comes to men, because as much as I'm like a guy in certain respects, I'm not. I'm just a girl...

6am my alarm went off, and with little sleep I crawled out of bed and into the shower. I dressed, packed and was downstairs by 7:30 to meet the other girls in my hotel and the production assistant in charge of our travel. One girl, Brooke, took FOREVER to get downstairs. When finally with us, we walked the 5 blocks to Tyra's studio. Once inside, we were sent through security, stripped of our cell phones and cameras, and sent upstairs to our dressing rooms. Fun, Fun, Fun... Wardrobe, Hair and makeup... and then...

all the stuff I can't talk about. :(


Let's just say you'll have to watch the show!

After the show ended, we quickly collected our phones and were escorted outside to our waiting car services. I hated the idea of spending 3 hours in the airport before my flight and would have rather have had lunch with my lawyer or a few friends before heading out. Just as I approached my car, 3 of the audience members asked if they could take a picture with me. Then some guy yelled, "Hey Sinnamon!" out the window of his SUV. Lol!

I loved my trip but honestly, there's no place like home.

Thursday am, I dropped off the kidlet at school then made a beeline for the Apple Store. The night before I left NYC, my computer went on the fritz, again. I arrived at the Apple Store 15 minutes before they opened. When they did, I immediately went to the Genius Bar and explained the problem, (my monitor was going through full screen color bars,) to the genius there. He'd never heard of such a thing, but when the screen started changing colors, he had this shocked look on his face. We agreed the machine needed to be shipped off, so once again, I left my baby behind. A quick trip to Fry's Electronics was in order to pick up a wireless adaptor for my daughter's PC laptop, so I could have something to use while mine was away without having to rent a new machine.

I stopped by a Halloween store to pick up a costume for my little girl. She wanted to be Isis this year, so I found a GORGEOUS Cleopatra costume and borrowed a pair of Isis wings from her best friend to complete the costume. I also bught myself a cute little Dominatrix Schoolgirl uniform for my overflowing closet. We met up with one of her friends, and her friends, to got trick or treating, collecting a ton of candy in the process. Home by 8:30pm, I made dinner, visited with our neighbors, then I disappeared to my bat cave for a cam show. Unfortunately, after getting changed, doing makeup and setting up the lights and camera, the backup computer would not recognize my camera. After 43 minutes of chatting with the cam show admin and tech support on the phone, we finally decided to get close the room. I was disappointed, (I looked SO cute!) and I felt like the 384 people in my chat room deserved a great show. I decided that next week I will get dressed up in my costume for my weekly show, since I will have my computer back. :)

I hope to see each and every one of you there! Friday, at 10pm PST.

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