Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog 341: Its so hard to say goodbye...

*Sigh* Seems like I'm always losing my nearest an dearest...
Yes folks, that's right. Your Sinny is going to be laptopless once again.:(

Back in October I sent my iBook off to Apple to be repaired because the monitor was running through a series of color bars on boot up. My baby was gone for 10 days, and wouldn't you know that 3 days after I got it back, the display started acting up again! This time, after going into hibernation, the screen would go white for a few seconds before depixalating to reveal the normal screen. Well, I couldn't afford to be without my computer for another 10 days and miss that much webcam right before the holiday season, so I kept it. Now its gotten to the point where the white screen stays for 5-10 minutes before depixalating. I took it by the Apple Store yesterday to find out if they'd have to send it in again and to my disappointment, they confirmed my worst fear.

Here's the thing... The 90 day warranty on the repair from late October expires on Feb. 7th... 3 days from now. Want to know what's worse? My 2 year Apple Care Extended Warranty expires on March 10th. *Sigh* I know I need to just buy a new computer, but right now? Its SO not in my budget. This machine was a replacement sent by Apple when my original machine was repaired so many times that they had to replace it under company policy... (Which states by the way, that if the same repair is done more than 3 times, they have to replace the machine.) That machine was a replacement for the machine before it. Can you guess that I'm hoping its the same problem? Lol!

Even if its not, I appreciate that Apple's Apple Care will repair any hardware issue for free. I'm just tired of being without my damn machine! Luckily, I just purchased a new iPhone, so at least I won't be completely SOL. I'm actually going to find out if the store can provide me with a loaner, at the suggestion of the Apple rep I spoke with on the phone. Back in the day, I would get them to give me rental reimbursement during the course of the repair. I tried that today and they said no dice. :(

*Sigh* I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens when I go into the store in an hour.

On to better topics, last night my publicist talked me into hosting Porn Star Karaoke at Sardos Bar and Grill. I hadn't been to PSK since my old agent, Lighthouse hosted a night there, perhaps over a year and a half ago. If you followed my twitter last night, you know that the party wasn't exactly jumping. I didn't arrive until 11:30pm, and other than my agent and Connie, a director from, there were no porn people in attendance. I had one drink, took pics with fans and for the usual porno photogs then quietly tipped toe'd out of the venue when we'd agreed I'd filled my obligation. The other girl that was supposed to host, Angelica Lane, didn't even show up! On the way out the door, I was stopped by Jeremy, a blogger for Poontalk, and did a mini interview and shot a couple of pics outside the club.

I came home and took an ambien when I realized my insomnia was about to hit 36 hours of no sleep so I could get a good night's rest before going to work.

This morning I woke up, took the kidlet to school, then came home to walk the dog, field a few calls and check email. I got a call from the Assistant (Vice?) Principal of my daughter's school about her incessant tardies to homeroom. We devised a plan then I scurried to shower, dress and pack my bag for work. I somehow managed to hit every single street light, making my 8 minute commute to location a 25 minute drive. Fortunately, although I arrived late for my 10:45am call time, they were running behind as well - apparently everyone arrived late today. Both girl's whose scenes were before mine were in makeup when I arrived on set. I tweeted from my iPhone, and took the pic you see here from the makeup chair! I love how Chris, the makeup artist, did my makeup today. Hopefully I will get a loaner from Apple so I can hop on IMLive late night tonight!

I'm off to charge and sync my iPhone and back up my hard drive before I leave for the Apple Store.

Wish me luck!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

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