Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog 344: Hello my long lost lover...

I've checked my blog several times over the last few weeks, but things have been so crazy that I haven't had the opportunity to blog. Today for example, between having my contract with my former webmaster abruptly terminated, then reinstated, the terminated again - I've been super busy locking down my new website deal, meeting with my lawyer to deal with the breach of contract that I haven't had much free time on my hands.

So no, ClubSinnamonLove.com is no longer my site. My official website, SinnamonLove.com will be up and running within 30 days!

Not to mention that tax season is upon us and I am trying to get mine under control. I am the WORST at record keeping, but luckily I have a wonderful accountant in my corner that is really amazing and may actually get me a refund this year! :)

In addition to straightening out what had the potential to be a hairied tax situation, my accountant is insisting that I pay the franchise tax board fees to the Secretary of State, set up a business account for my LLC, and start having all my personal income run through my LLC from this point on... That means switching my phone sex line, varied webcam companies I work with, and my varied clip store accounts ALL switch over from using my social security number to my companies' EIN. So for the bulk of this evening I have spent time looking for the Articles of Organization for my LLC, so that I could verify how everything was set up so I could acquire my EIN online... of course, with my convoluted files, (and having a 3rd party company set it up for me,) I had no idea if the LLC was set up as a single or multi-member LLC... and required that information to set up the Tax ID number.

Ugh and Grr to say the least!

But at least my accountant was able to give me all the necessary information I needed so I can start throwing away all the millions of unnecessary pieces of paper that I've been hoarding so I have a better handle on it and can start getting organized. I realized tonight while talking to a close friend that the company she works for does just that... helps people get organized! I feel a new expense coming on...

Thursday night I received a last minute call to do a makeup shoot for Rob Black/ Exquisite for a movie I shot 4 months ago. The idiot editor lost the hardcore footage of the scene so I had to come back in to shoot it all over again... Of course I got paid a second time! I didn't have to shoot any pretty girl stills, hardcore stills or tease video... I literally showed up makeup ready and got down to business! Sort of... Rico Strong showed up super late then sat around surfing myspace and having a drink for almost an hour before he was ready and "centered" to fuck me. :(

Friday night, I did get a chance to spend a little time out and about. My friend M1 from dead prez called me up on Friday to say they were in town and performing at the Key Club. My daughter was going to a friend's house to stay the night, so i called up Aurora Jolie, picked her up and drove over the hill to West Hollywood. The drive was quick Sunset Blvd. Traffic wasn't too bad... We arrived just in time to see the guys hit the stage a little after midnight.

Check out these pics I took with my new iPhone from the stage!

The show was amazing and we truly had a great time... I didn't get home until 5:30am! I used to go to concerts damn near every week but lately, I've become such a homebody that I've been missing out on all the good stuff!

I've been back on webcam on IMLive and Naked.com again lately. I love taking fresh snapshots daily of my webcam shows so all you horny guys and girls can see what I look like at that very moment. :) I love getting dressed up for my cam shows... I'm thinking of doing a costume show later this week for a little role play! Perhaps I'll put on my naughty nurse's outfit? Or a strict school teacher? hehehe!

I have some really exciting news coming up but I'm going to wait until the contracts are signed to share the rest of my amazingly good news... So far, while work has been a little slower than usual, Love Digital Media is starting off strong! Yay me!

I promise I'll blog more often.
But be sure to follow me on Twitter for those in between blog fixes!

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  1. listen to your accountant, that's great advice, trust me your life will be better