Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Want to win a FREE autographed 8x10 or DVD?

I know I've been remiss in updating my blog, but I have an EXCELLENT reason this time... ;-) I recently joined the staff of, a new lifestype and culture website! My new column, Life, Love and Sinn, an ode to my blog, was launched last Thursday and is doing quite well! I have big things planned, including some incredibly spotlight interviews with some amazing people to discuss the sexual politics around the world. My introductory article, An Assumption of Immorality, has so far been well received by readers and my editor @AndreasHale seems pretty happy with me and the direction I'd like to go in with my column & interviews. That is always a good thing!

I decided that to celebrate my new column, I'm going to do some do some giveaways! Email your Love, relationship or sex questions to me at and if I answer your question on my column on The Well Versed I will send you an autographed 8X10 FREE! Each column, 1 lucky writer will also receive a FREE autographed DVD! :) Of course you MUST be over 18 years of age and able to receive semi-nude or nude photos and/or pornographic material in your area in order to win these prizes!

Looking forward to all your questions!

love, Sinn