Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blog 265: Post Birthday Post aka Happy New Year


Party was great
One of my Lovers was nearby
Seemed distant.
But could be.. because he,
and his people
were on watch.
But alas,
I prevailed.
plum colored sheath
matching stilettos.
Looking ab fab for sure.
We hugged.
No flashing lights.
I continued celebrating
at his suggestion...
Little did he know,
they were already planned for my bed.
hours later..
2 bodies intertwined
in my bed
while I think of him
and the mischief I caused.
What a night.


Thank God for myLove.
Who understands.
Who's guiding hand
reminds me
where love resides.

And so,
I lift my glass
to my life
my Loves

I welcome you.

You belong to I.

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