Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog 349: Twitter Hate Me

So Monday afternoon, Twitter decided it hated me. It packed up my account and disappeared. :( I checked their known issues board and it seems that many accounts have up and gone rouge on them and they are trying to fix the glitch. So know I can't log in, can't get my tweet fix... Its so sad and unfortunate. I worked hard to get my account where it was!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog 348: Just an Ordinary Suburban Stay at Home Mom...

One thing is for certain...
You NEVER want to go toe to toe with me...
Especially where my kid is concerned.

So last week the kidlet was out of school sick for 4 days because of the flu plus the weekend due to an ear and throat infection. Her school has a website where the teachers upload their assignments for all their classes so parents can double check what was assigned from the teachers when the kids say, "I don't have any homework tonight." During her week off, her Honors Math and Science teacher updated his assignments daily, as they are supposed to.. so with the exception of a few handouts, she was able to complete all of his assigned work. Her English and History teacher wasn't so efficient. I received her homework from the school on Friday and she worked on completing most of it over the weekend.

Now let me back track a moment...

Her honors teacher has a program that he and the other teacher share, uploading the kids grades to a private account daily so that parents can follow the kids progress and see missing assignments. He's amazing at uploading EVERYONE'S grades, all 60+ kids every single day. The other teacher? Not so much... I know this because I check her grades, Every.Single.Day. So yesterday I look at her grades and notice not one, not two, not three, but 16 MISSING ASSIGNMENTS in her History class dated February 25th. I fucking lost my damn mind... There is no way, NO WAY - my kid is supposed to simply not turn in that many assignments and I don't get a phone call, a note home, hell, an email! about it. I was pissed.

Now the kidlet has been going to counseling for diagnosis of symptoms of ADD, and sure enough, I confirm today that she does indeed score within the range. Now this is a gifted kid that scores well above average in Math, (like 458 in a range of 350-500,) but just losses things and forgets to turn in assignments all the time. She is extremely bright but has difficulty with focus and inattentiveness. This is spilling over into late nights doing homework, (like 11-11:30pm,) and incomplete assignments. Its affecting her grades and my once straight "A" student has turned into a C,D and F student.

Let me first say that I do not believe in average grades. I know, I know... sometimes average is the best one can do. But I was raised by my parents with the mantra,

"Average kids get average grades, go to average schools and get average jobs and YOU are not average."

I believe that whole-heartedly. This child scored so high on her California Standards Tests in Math they wanted to put her in highly gifted math as opposed to the regular gifted/ magnet math. I declined... one step at a time. It makes since that she has some behavioral issues that are affecting her grades. Her teachers identified her with having some oppositional problems... which I expect as this once star student is now struggling with her grades without understanding why. I sought professional help because it seemed that no matter what I did, how I rewarded her or took away from her, nothing helped bring her grades up.

I hesitate to have my child identified as ADD or rather, ADHD without hyperactivity. I don't want her on drugs that will modify her behavior or mute her creativity, so after receiving this diagnosis today, I started looking at natural remedies and organizational solutions to help her.

But before I could do that, I had to address this problem of the 16 missing assignments. I went to her middle school this afternoon for a mandated Individual Culmination Plan meeting, basically, a group meeting with about 30-40 parents watching a slide show to talk about what our junior high schoolers will require in high school to graduate and attend college. I fully intended to give this annoyance of a teacher the hear-to-and-what-for... but managed to talk with her Math/Science teacher first. He was great! We discussed the ADD diagnosis and he gave me some great advice. He also showed me some assignments that needed to be turned in, which I was aware of due to the SnapGrades program, and we discussed how 12 kids were out today with the same flu she had last week. When I went to talk with her other teacher, I found out that those bulk missing assignments were actually due while she was away... but her T.A. entered them as "F's," instead of "Excused" due to her absence.

Go Figure!

My daughter had the Workbook in her backpack and turned the assignment in right then. Had I not addressed this issue with her teacher, who knows when it would have gotten updated in her records if at all!

I came home and went through her backpack with her pulling out all the makeup work from last week, any missing assignments and today's homework so I could organize them all in order of importance. One of the things I've learned rather quickly is that ADD children need to be given small assignments to do in short time frames, with her, its 20 minute intervals so she can focus for short periods of time. Then she can get up, take a break, get water, use the bathroom... whatever she needs to do. She also needs a lot of help organizing her time so that she gets things done in a timely manner. I have to really be active in her sitting down to do homework and double check it because sometimes she skims the assignment...

I know it has to be weird thinking of a porn star as a mom that actually does the PTA thing. Its like I easily slid from one role to the other without much thought and consideration. But I have to tell you, I love this role more than any other...

Blog 347: Los Angeles - Meet Me at Adultcon!

If you are going to be in Los Angeles March 20-22, I will be attending Adultcon 16! Sharing a booth with me will be my best friend, Kitten, and we will be signing autographs, taking pictures and selling DVDs & 8X10s. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello! Mention my blog for a special gift!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog 346: Routines are NOT always routine.

Yesterday was an amazing day... Jax and his/ our baby Kai came over in the late afternoon/ early evening to hang out with the rest of our family. Earlier in the day I dropped my friend Robbye at Burbank airport, then picked up my best friend Kitten from LAX. My house is always a revolving door of porn stars and friends that become temporary roommates... Lol! Kitten is moving into my guest room for next 6 months so at least there will be a little stability for awhile again. After that, I'm turning my guest room into just that... a guest room, so when my parents come into town they actually have a place to crash instead of booting me out of my room. :)

Anyway, after my 2 airport runs I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry and cleaning the kidlet's messy bathroom. I have SO much clothing... I really need to go through my closets and make a go of taking stuff to the Goodwill and auctioning off my wardrobe on ABIBids. This week, I promise. ;-)

So back to Jax and Kai.. they came over and settled in, Kai becoming more comfortable each day. Jax adopted her from an American Bulldog breeder after she'd had two litters to give her a loving home and environment where she could grow and flourish as a dog and not just a breeding machine. Her life had been so limited before that even being indoors was new to her. She's taken her time getting accustomed to him, his home, me and my home... But thankfully she's starting to follow me around and come when I call her. She's finally been introduced to Duke, my adopted Cocker Spaniel, and watching the two of them play is a treat!

I made one of Jax's favorite dishes, fried tilapia with steamed fresh snapped green beans with garlic butter sauce and steamed broccoli. The fish, a recipe I modified from Aaron McCargo, Jr. of Big Daddy's House on the Food Network.

While I cooked and cleaned like woman possessed... Jax walked the dogs and watched a little TV. Once I got the kidlet to bed, we snuggled up and enjoyed a show together. I love the routine we fall into when we can just relax and be ourselves. Being that we have just started integrating our animal family, our "Chia Pet Family Weekends" (as in... add water, instant family,) as Jax calls them, had dwindled greatly... It was nice having him over knowing that he wouldn't have to get up and go home at the end of the night.

After all that cleaning, I desperately needed a shower and he watched from the sideline. I started feeling rather randy with him watching me. I slowly toweled off while he caressed my body then applied lotion to my skin. I decided to add a little makeup and flat ironed my hair... then selected a little nightie from my lingerie closet. I joined him on the bed while he smoked a bowl. He just turns me on so much... I decided to change into a sexier little chemise, a white and blue one that looks like an apron I had purchased for him when we first got together but never wore. I rejoined him on the bed...

When his lips touched mine, I released... all the tension of the day just melted away. His hands moved slowly along my breasts and waist and he commented on how significant my body had changed. His kiss... his tongue exploring my mouth while his hands explored my skin... he slowly brought me to my first, second and third orgasms all without pulling down my panties. But when he did... Mmmm... His hands explored the inside of my pussy expertly, slowly inserted more and more fingers inside me. Stretching my walls as he licked my nipples taking me higher and higher... I love the way he moves me...

My body just RESPONDS to him.

He gives me something no one else can... a love jones. Since I'd shot last week and was in between tests, I naturally reached for a condom before straddling his cock. Once inside me I exploded immediately - my juices running down the sides of his cock. I had to slow him down a little, our energies in different places, when he bit my nipple a little too hard.

"I'm in a much softer place than you right now baby..."

He came back down to meet me, and gently slid in and out of me like no one else can. Our love making lasted hours, then a brief break, then right back into our groove. At 2:30am, after much lust and pleasure and orgasm, we finally collapsed in one another's arms and I drifted pleasantly off to sleep.

When my alarm went off a 6am I didn't want to get out of bed with myMan. I snuggled up next to him and wrapped my arms around him. I fell back asleep for an hour then got up and woke the kidlet down the hall. While she got dressed, I climbed back in bed with my lover for another 15 minutes before hitting the shower myself and getting ready for my day. Jax walked the kids while I prepared the kidlet a quickie breakfast of smoked salmon and cream cheese roll-ups with orange juice.

I kissed my man goodbye, drove the kidlet to school then hopped on the 101 to Downtown LA through morning rush hour traffic.

I was 20 minutes late for my doctor's appointment. The last 6 months, I had been totally avoiding my Oncologist. I hate going to the hospital for these day long appointments. Its been 4 years since I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer for the second time and had surgery to remove the 3 large muscinous tumors. I've been in remission ever since, but I have to see the doctors at the hospital's GYN-Oncology clinic every couple of months to make sure it's staying that way. Today I expressed concern that my periods lately have been extremely long for me... 10-14 days as opposed to my normal 3 days. The doctor said it shouldn't be my high dose birth control causing it, (that I've been taking for endometriosis post-surgery,) but that it could possibly be polyps or in very rare cases, pre-cancerous cells growing on my cervix or uterus. So instead of just my yearly pap smear, (which I missed in December,) I would also be getting a biopsy.

I asked naively if I'd need to schedule an appointment for the biopsy and was informed she could do it right then and there. So I undressed, put my legs in the stirrups, and laid back to be poked and prodded. Had I known I'd be getting a pap smear and biopsy today I probably wouldn't have let Jax fist me last night... Let me just say this, while a pap smear is uncomfortable, having a tube inserted into your cervix so your uterus can be scraped is downright PAINFUL!

I couldn't help myself, when she inserted the tube into my cervix I bit my lip and said "DAMMIT!" When she started scrapped the walls of my uterus tears welled up in my eyes and I said,

"God Dammit That Fucking HURTS!"

The female doctor apologized immensely, then apologized once more when she had to do the procedure a 2nd time in case they needed a second sample... Of course, she apologized a 3rd time when she needed to scrape my cervical canal...

"FUCK That hurts like a bitch!"

When it was all over, the nurse brought me a Motrin 600 and a huge glass of water, both of which I accepted gratefully. Next I had to go to the lab for blood work, a CBC, a Tumor marker and a couple of other tests... then off to Radiology for a chest X-Ray and to schedule an appointment for a transvaginal ultrasound. Six hours later I left the hospital in a significant amount of pain and headed back to the valley - but at least that's over for a little while. I'll go back in a month for results...

En route home, I stopped at my agent's office to pick up a check, went to the bank, then picked up the kidlet from school. I finally made it home and laid on the sofa while she started her homework and drifted off to sleep for a bit... still uncomfortable from the procedure earlier today.

A short while ago, I awoke from my nap, made dinner, helped the kidlet with formulas for solving the area of a triangle and trapezoid, and settled in to write this blog...

Back to my routine.
Hopefully tomorrow I will feel a little more up to doing webcam. Right now? I don't want to THINK about putting anything into my vagina. :(

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog 345: Check out my new wishlist!

Hello all,

I always get emails asking what sort of gifts I'd like for holidays, my birthday, etc, but had never really put together my wishlist. So I finally decided to put forth some effort and work on adding some items to my list. :) There is everything from $8.00 books to bargain lingerie on for under $25.00 to a new digital camera and a new Apple MacBook Pro. I love gifts and if you'd like to surprise me with something to make me smile, I'd love to send you a little something in return. hehe!

Check out my wishlist widget, but be sure to click the link to go to my wishlist itself to view all the items on there... you'd be surprised at what a girl can do in a few hours! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog 344: Hello my long lost lover...

I've checked my blog several times over the last few weeks, but things have been so crazy that I haven't had the opportunity to blog. Today for example, between having my contract with my former webmaster abruptly terminated, then reinstated, the terminated again - I've been super busy locking down my new website deal, meeting with my lawyer to deal with the breach of contract that I haven't had much free time on my hands.

So no, is no longer my site. My official website, will be up and running within 30 days!

Not to mention that tax season is upon us and I am trying to get mine under control. I am the WORST at record keeping, but luckily I have a wonderful accountant in my corner that is really amazing and may actually get me a refund this year! :)

In addition to straightening out what had the potential to be a hairied tax situation, my accountant is insisting that I pay the franchise tax board fees to the Secretary of State, set up a business account for my LLC, and start having all my personal income run through my LLC from this point on... That means switching my phone sex line, varied webcam companies I work with, and my varied clip store accounts ALL switch over from using my social security number to my companies' EIN. So for the bulk of this evening I have spent time looking for the Articles of Organization for my LLC, so that I could verify how everything was set up so I could acquire my EIN online... of course, with my convoluted files, (and having a 3rd party company set it up for me,) I had no idea if the LLC was set up as a single or multi-member LLC... and required that information to set up the Tax ID number.

Ugh and Grr to say the least!

But at least my accountant was able to give me all the necessary information I needed so I can start throwing away all the millions of unnecessary pieces of paper that I've been hoarding so I have a better handle on it and can start getting organized. I realized tonight while talking to a close friend that the company she works for does just that... helps people get organized! I feel a new expense coming on...

Thursday night I received a last minute call to do a makeup shoot for Rob Black/ Exquisite for a movie I shot 4 months ago. The idiot editor lost the hardcore footage of the scene so I had to come back in to shoot it all over again... Of course I got paid a second time! I didn't have to shoot any pretty girl stills, hardcore stills or tease video... I literally showed up makeup ready and got down to business! Sort of... Rico Strong showed up super late then sat around surfing myspace and having a drink for almost an hour before he was ready and "centered" to fuck me. :(

Friday night, I did get a chance to spend a little time out and about. My friend M1 from dead prez called me up on Friday to say they were in town and performing at the Key Club. My daughter was going to a friend's house to stay the night, so i called up Aurora Jolie, picked her up and drove over the hill to West Hollywood. The drive was quick Sunset Blvd. Traffic wasn't too bad... We arrived just in time to see the guys hit the stage a little after midnight.

Check out these pics I took with my new iPhone from the stage!

The show was amazing and we truly had a great time... I didn't get home until 5:30am! I used to go to concerts damn near every week but lately, I've become such a homebody that I've been missing out on all the good stuff!

I've been back on webcam on IMLive and again lately. I love taking fresh snapshots daily of my webcam shows so all you horny guys and girls can see what I look like at that very moment. :) I love getting dressed up for my cam shows... I'm thinking of doing a costume show later this week for a little role play! Perhaps I'll put on my naughty nurse's outfit? Or a strict school teacher? hehehe!

I have some really exciting news coming up but I'm going to wait until the contracts are signed to share the rest of my amazingly good news... So far, while work has been a little slower than usual, Love Digital Media is starting off strong! Yay me!

I promise I'll blog more often.
But be sure to follow me on Twitter for those in between blog fixes!