Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog 310: NYC Day 2: Last Night Roots @ Roseland/ John Legend Release Party

How many OKP went to last night's show? It was truly hotness...

* Estelle jumping on stage to sing "You got me" with the band
* Kirk's guitar solo leading out of that into Sweet Child of Mine, Bad to the Bone, and a Led Zepplein joint.
* Q-Tip hopping on stage
* Mos Def rocking the mic

I attended the show with my girl Ivory from Road Rules, Sara Jay and Loni Mallory.

Left the show and joined Ivory at the John Legend release party. One word: Decadent. 4 more words: Dom P Open Bar. Yah... After having 3 bombay sapphire and cran's at the concert, I was not prepared for the 2 glasses of champagne that followed. Luckily I don't get hang overs or that could have been ugly. :)

Left the party a little early and headed over to Socialista, a little bar not far from the John Legend joint with a new friend... Got into a deep political convo with the promoter and friends about Barack, McCain and the whole bullshit that is ahead of us.

I still heart NY.

Now I'm off to a shoot in fricken Yonkers. :( I just want to mill around in bed all day... but such is life. Later this evening its a meeting with about a possible column then over to the Busta joint. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog 309: Tyra Day 1/ Hip Hop Heaven

So day one of the Tyra Show was fucking awesome. The contrat we signed prevents me from blogging, (guess they should have said something about that BEFORE I went on the show to preempt the blogger in me...) I will say this, they will have to do some REALLY creative editing to make me look like a sleaze bag, know nothing... The girls were all cool, and I am actually looking forward to Thursday where we actually meet Tyra and do her show. I just want to see how she is going to try to twist my words, like she usually does when porn people are on... or if she is going to let me be me.. proud, intelligent and cool. :)

After we finished taping last night, I went on Lip Service on Shade 45 along with Juelz Santana, Skull Gang and Rabbit from Real Chance at Love, then headed down to the Bowery Hotel to Q-Tip's release party for "Renaissance." First, Ladies, let me say that Q-Tip is SO fine!! And Kevin Liles is a cutie. :) I met up with my boy Craig G (from the legendary juice crew,) snuck past the red carpet (my top wouldn't stay up and I was trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction on camera,) had 3 bombay sapphire and cranberry, and felt like I was in hip hop heaven. Everyone was there... Kweli, Mark Ronson, Nas, it was like a dream to be in the company of all these amazing people. It took Tip almost 30 minutes to name off all the legends and artists that attended last night. It was so cute, funny almost... as people would be talking to Craig, notice me, and ask if I was who they thought I was. It was clearly, awesome being fawned over all night by my adoring celebrity fans. One guy approached and said we'd chatted on BGOL before, and another guy asked to take a picture with me, making me blush and Craig die laughing...

Tonight's The Roots/ Gym Class Heros at Roseland, tomorrow I'm shooting for a local big butt site, then checking out Busta at the Knitting Factory.

All I can say is... I heart NY.

~*~ Sinn ~*~

Blog 308: Twitter and Yelp

So I finally jumped on the Twitter band wagon. Yes, Kanye, Questlove and even you Erika, I'm joining the masses. Its just a trial run, so don't get all excited. But in the meantime, I've added my Twitter to both my Myspace and Facebook, to make things a little smoother. In case you haven't been to my main page, here is the link to my Twitter:

Also, every once in awhile I post reviews on of businesses, hotels, restaurants, etc. Check out my reviews on Yelp!

Enjoy everyone!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog 307: 5th Grade Reporter interviews Joe Biden, finds out what a VP does

Blog 306: Work/ Tyra Banks/ Weight loss and a surprise...

This month has been quite eventful. First off, I've shot for 2 girl/ girl scenes, one for Devil's Films and one for Roxanne Loren, a BG scene for, did my second scene for - this one an anal scene, and just today shot a BG scene for Xander World. I also worked for Venus Girls as a production assistant on one of their cuckold videos. I love working for them... I get to come up with all sorts of cool ideas on cuckolding, something I know WAY too much about. (My ex-husband was a cuckold... something I'm not at all proud to say.)

I'm also pleased to announce that last night was the return of my weekly cam shows on my site, I'm happy to be working with to provide these free weekly cam shows to my members! As of right now, my weekly shows are on Friday nights, but I'm hoping to add a second show on Wednesdays next month as well! Camz has gracefully provided a new plugin for my website for my members that features highlight clips of my past cam shows, my last show archive and my cam schedule with a direct link to get into my chat room - all on pne page for my members! As a member of my site, you also get to watch the other Porn Star Camz within their network as well! I am looking forward to seeing all of you for my sexy Halloween show next week!

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to NYC for the week to shoot the Tyra Banks Show! The episode is called "Pornoville" and there will be sex workers of varied backgrounds on the show. I know, I know.. Tyra tends to go after porn stars pretty hard. I'm looking forward to getting on the show and defending the honor of my industry. :)I can't go into too many details just yet, but just know that once I'm free to discuss I will keep you posted! I am only shooting 2 days, so instead of flying back and forth, I will get to spend 2 free days in the city! I am looking forward to doing a little radio while in town. I've already spoken to the producer of Lip Service and am waiting to hear back from the producers of Spitkicker Radio and Shade 45 for confirmation on doing theirs as well.

I looked up my hotel online and found that it has a really nice little gym. That makes me happy. Kitten and I are on the same diet, so we've been working out together. Our doctor informed us that 5 minutes of jump roping is equivalent to 30 minutes of cardio, so every other day we've been working together to get through those difficult 5 minutes. Jumping rope at 34 is NOTHING like it was at 8 years old! After 2 weeks of jumping rope, we both decided we needed to add 100 crunches to our workout. I would love to do them everyday, and am going to try my hardest to do them. I used to do that... but that was when I was a younger woman. :) Today, my tummy is SO sore from yesterdays crunches that I'm a little nervous about pushing too hard and doing them again tonight. I'd rather wait until tomorrow, (seeing as how its already 1am that shouldn't be a problem,) instead of stressing my body too much and before its ready.

I am pleased to announce however, that so far I have lost 12 pounds on my doctor monitored program! Thats 12 pounds in 3 weeks. I lost 7 pounds just this week alone. :) The only thing that bothers me is that with the increase in medication in the afternoon ad evenings, I definitely feel a little tweaky. My Jax jokingly calls me his little crackhead... and can always tell when I've taken my pills based on how I start talking non-stop. Lol! It embarrasses me to hear that... but I love that he's so supportive of my weight loss. Just 18 more pounds to go and I'll be back to the old me!

The only thing that bothers me is that when I am hungry, I am HUNGRY. And if I can't eat right away, my appetite goes away completely. I find myself trying to force myself to eat because I know that I need to nourish my body in order for the weight loss to be effective. Its getting easier to prepare foods that my body can intake during the diet. Its not so hard after all.

Now... the big surprise.

I have a book offer on the table. (Yah!)

The book is a piece of non-fiction and the publisher is a small fetish publishing company. I don't want to go into too many details yet as its still in the works, but I will say that it is about a segment of the BDSM population and will contain interviews, essays by myself about the topic and coffee table style photographs to display the dichotomies of the personalities of these people. I will say that the topic I've chosen has never been written about. I'm currently working on my prospectus and will be meeting with the publishers when I return to LA next week to discuss the book. I'm hoping to also shoot a documentary to accompany the book for the first 100 or so issues. :)

I love when great things happen... and can't wait to share more as they develop.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blog 305: Colin Powell Endorses Obama!

In recently weeks, The Washington Post, The NY Times, and many other important figures in the political field have endorsed Sen. Obama. Now, Mr. Colin Powell has also brings his support of Obama. THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY! His breaking from his party is not unique, but does show that the GOP is on a losing streak with many of their constituents. His view on Palin, McCain, the robocalls re: Roy Ayers, the attempted connection to Islam, and even the impending right wing appointment to the Supreme Court shows me that I too have the right candidate in mind.

Enjoy this video of Colin Powell's endorsement on Meet The Press and the corresponding article on the Huffington Post.

I can't get the video to embed, so enjoy the video on the The Huffington Post.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog 304: On Losing Weight

This year has been a rough one, I gained 30 pounds in 6 weeks for some medication my therapist had me .. switching me to something else, the weight was still really difficult to lose. Luckily, all the weight went to my hips, thighs and ass... Everyone has loved the increase in size of my ass, but honestly, the weight gain was a little too much for me. When I realized I was slightly over my BMI I knew it was time to do something about it.

Two weeks ago, I went to a med spa recommended by my agent, Lisa Ann to see Dr. Franco for medical weight loss. Dr. Franco is awesome! He put me on this strict Keto-genic diet and prescribed me Plegine, a prescription appetite suppressant. Plegine doesn't contain caffeine, but it definitely curbs my appetite! I am thrilled to announce that so far, I have lost 5 pounds. :) I'll be happy when the remaining offending 25 pounds are gone so I can fit into my tiny clothes again! :) The diet drives me nuts because I am a carb-addict... But I am trying to be good. Its tough, But I'll work it out.

I was a bit resistant to the Keto-genic diet because I know the damage that a diet high in protein and low in carbs can do to the body. You NEED carbs for energy. And while protein does turn to ketones and can create enough energy to run on, who wants the bad breath and skin odors that are caued by ketonacidosis?! I am allowed fruit at breakfast, but after that, only 30g of carbs for the rest of the day. Its hard for me, the cupcake queen, to give up carbs, but I'm happy to do whatever it takes to lose the weight!

I am supposed to also do 30 minutes of cardio or 5 minutes of jump roping every other day to speed up the process and lose an extra 2 pounds a week... I just have to find the frigging time! I got a Wii fit from one of my fans a couple of months ago, but my daughter plays it more than I do... let's just say, I'm fucking lazy. :) Lol!

I will keep you guys updated on the weight loss progess and if possible, go back to uploading recipes when I can like I used to...

Cross your fingers for me that this weight will continue to just melt off me!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Blog 302: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel want you to Vote in the Box!

Its the RE- MIX!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog 301: Politics as usual...

I was surfing the general discussion board one of my favorite sites, Okayplayer and came across a thread about the upcoming elections and the propositions on the ballots. I will admit, I have been so busy lately I've barely had time to do laundry let alone go over the thick booklet that covers all the proposals on the ballot... but there are a few that I feel rather passionate about.

So... I thought I'd share my thoughts and ask fellow Californians their opinions along with reasons why they will vote the way they will this November. If you are not in California, what important issues are going to be on your ballots this year?

First off, I am voting for Obama/ Biden. I believe in Obama and the change he is inspiring. After listening to him and Biden during the debates so far, I have been reassured that my reasons for voting for them are valid. The mudslinging that the McCain campaign is so transparent that it truly laughable. The dismissive way Obama said, "That's wrong John," to the elder senator's insistance that Obama would raise taxes on small businesses made me smile. I love that he actually answered questions and laid out plans of actions for healthcare and pulling our country out of the economic crisis we are in. He's so calm yet passionate, and comes off as so sincere in the things he offers.

I'm not saying that Obama is the second coming or anything like that... He's a politician, I know he's playing the game right now to get my vote. And yet, I feel confident when I hear him speak. I know that he can't bypass congress and the senate to get his bills passed, but I do believe him in his desire to turn this country around and help the middle class get a fair shake.

So... he has my vote.

More importantly, there are a few local issues that my state is voting on that I think deserve examination.


This terrifies me. I'm a bit confused how to feel about this bill. I want girls that are scared to tell their parents (due to violence in the home, abuse, incest, etc.) to still be able to get abortions if necessary... but honestly, I would want to know if my daughter wanted to get one. I feel confident my girls would feel they could come to me, but I know that not everyone has the ideal home situation/ relationship with their parents.

I would hate to think that some young girl would be forced to have a baby by her ultra-religious/ conservative/ domineering parent that is on some "oh, you gone have THAT baby..." and have her future irrevocably wiped out as a result. Or be beaten to death. Its hard because I really need to read the entire proposal. I mean, is there a provision for the minor to go to the courts with due evidence as to why they need the abortion and can not seek parental consent? If so, what would the girl have to present as evidence? Would the girl be appointed a social worker or lawyer free of charge to cover court costs in order to go before a judge? I'll likely vote No on this prop just because I doubt seriously if it lends to the "what ifs" that I can dream of...


Hell no. I wouldn't want someone to take my rights away from me, so why do that to someone just because they are gay? I'm voting NO.


Voting Yes. As a parent, and having had a younger sibling hospitalized and placed in a coma due to a brain aneurysm several years ago, I have seen how hard these hospitals work first hand. They need all the help and funding they can get!


I have to do a little more reading up on this proposition, but so far, I think I'm voting yes. Main points:

* Limits court authority to incarcerate offenders who commit certain drug crimes, break drug treatment rules or violate parole.
* Substantially shortens parole for certain drug offenses; increases parole for serious and violent felonies.

I think that people that are arrested for minor drug offenses like possession, or drug use should not be sentenced the same as traffickers. Like I said, I have to read up a bit more on this however to make an informed decision.


Anyone that knows anything about LA traffic knows that it sucks! Public transportation is horrible because Los Angeles is so spread out. I know that this bill will affect more than just Los Angeles, but I think anything that can ease the horrible traffic here has to be a good thing.

With the pending elections only a few weeks away, what will you be voting for, and why?

If you'd like to check out the propositions on the CA ballot, view them at the California Voter Guide
~*~ Sinny ~*~

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blog 298: Join me on Facebook!

I have finally joined the revolution! Add me on Facebook...

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