Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog 352: New Year, New Directions...

In less that 24 hours, I will turn 36. Yes, my birthday is fastly approaching. There have been lots of things happening the last 2 months, and honestly, I don't know how I've been able to remain relatively calm about most of it. I'm not quite ready to reveal all that has been on my mind and heart... but I will say this.. lots of changes are coming in the new year.

I've never been big on resolutions.. not since I was a little girl... But I have been one to make decisions about my life and the direction I want it to go in. This year is no different. Not one to let the start of the new year influence my changes, I instead mark changes in my life as I turn a year older every year. It just so happens that my birthday, New Year's Eve, happens to be not only the biggest party day of the year, but the benchmark for the last hurrah before most people go diets and exercise programs and make most life-altering decisions that they don't keep up with after long. For me, changes come with age and expectations I have for myself at various points in my life... or just, when I've tired of things being the way they are...

In the coming year, I hope to restructure lots of things in life including the way I conduct my business, the way I handle my relationships and the amount of accessibility I give others to my life. This doesn't mean I'm cutting back... in fact, I think I will probably let people in even more. I think its time. There are things I've held back for so long, that I can think of no better way to free myself from the shackles that bind me, that to purge publicly... but not today.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hello everyone! Team Evil Angel and I have collctively raised $10,001.00 for the 25th Anniversary AIDS Walk LA later today, October 18th, 2009 in West Hollywood, CA! I am so excited to be apart of the adult industry's premiere effect to raise money and show support for AIDSWalk LA and AIS Project LA. There is still time to donate however if you haven't already! We just reached 10k in donations thanks to a wonderful fan on twitter who just made a $30 donation to my page through twitter to help push us over the top! I personally have not reached my personal goal of $1000, and would love your help in reaching it this morning!

Please take the time to make even the smallest donation to AIDSWalk & our Team by copying and pasting this link:

We will be in West Hollywood at 8am to sign in, the walk starts at 10am. Look for photos & videos from our team later in the day through my twitter, myspace, facebook & my blog.

Some of the people (adult stars, adult industry professionals & fans,) walking with Team Evil Angel include:
Belladonna (team captain) & Aiden
Angelina Armani & Alexander Monstar
Lee Bang & Sophie Dee
Tisha Cavazos
Crystal Contreras
Wendy DaSilva
Shawn Gunn
Holly Hollywood
Vincent Kirk
Heather Oliver
Robert Sanchez
Bella Stagliano
Karen Stagliano (Evil Angel)
Keni Styles
Jenny Tse
Angel Vain
Peter Warren (AVN)
Chris Wessman
and of course, Moi, Sinnamon Love!

Thank you so much for showing your support for this worthwhile cause and showing that the adult industry, and its fans, care about the fight for a cure and the well-being of those living with this disease.

all my love,
Sinnamon Love

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog 350: Watch me LIVE today on!

Copy and paste these links to watch my live shows or just click the link to see me LIVE!

LIVE Naughty Nurse at 4pm PST

LIVE Naughty Milf at 7pm PST

x's & o's,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog 349: Twitter Hate Me

So Monday afternoon, Twitter decided it hated me. It packed up my account and disappeared. :( I checked their known issues board and it seems that many accounts have up and gone rouge on them and they are trying to fix the glitch. So know I can't log in, can't get my tweet fix... Its so sad and unfortunate. I worked hard to get my account where it was!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog 348: Just an Ordinary Suburban Stay at Home Mom...

One thing is for certain...
You NEVER want to go toe to toe with me...
Especially where my kid is concerned.

So last week the kidlet was out of school sick for 4 days because of the flu plus the weekend due to an ear and throat infection. Her school has a website where the teachers upload their assignments for all their classes so parents can double check what was assigned from the teachers when the kids say, "I don't have any homework tonight." During her week off, her Honors Math and Science teacher updated his assignments daily, as they are supposed to.. so with the exception of a few handouts, she was able to complete all of his assigned work. Her English and History teacher wasn't so efficient. I received her homework from the school on Friday and she worked on completing most of it over the weekend.

Now let me back track a moment...

Her honors teacher has a program that he and the other teacher share, uploading the kids grades to a private account daily so that parents can follow the kids progress and see missing assignments. He's amazing at uploading EVERYONE'S grades, all 60+ kids every single day. The other teacher? Not so much... I know this because I check her grades, Every.Single.Day. So yesterday I look at her grades and notice not one, not two, not three, but 16 MISSING ASSIGNMENTS in her History class dated February 25th. I fucking lost my damn mind... There is no way, NO WAY - my kid is supposed to simply not turn in that many assignments and I don't get a phone call, a note home, hell, an email! about it. I was pissed.

Now the kidlet has been going to counseling for diagnosis of symptoms of ADD, and sure enough, I confirm today that she does indeed score within the range. Now this is a gifted kid that scores well above average in Math, (like 458 in a range of 350-500,) but just losses things and forgets to turn in assignments all the time. She is extremely bright but has difficulty with focus and inattentiveness. This is spilling over into late nights doing homework, (like 11-11:30pm,) and incomplete assignments. Its affecting her grades and my once straight "A" student has turned into a C,D and F student.

Let me first say that I do not believe in average grades. I know, I know... sometimes average is the best one can do. But I was raised by my parents with the mantra,

"Average kids get average grades, go to average schools and get average jobs and YOU are not average."

I believe that whole-heartedly. This child scored so high on her California Standards Tests in Math they wanted to put her in highly gifted math as opposed to the regular gifted/ magnet math. I declined... one step at a time. It makes since that she has some behavioral issues that are affecting her grades. Her teachers identified her with having some oppositional problems... which I expect as this once star student is now struggling with her grades without understanding why. I sought professional help because it seemed that no matter what I did, how I rewarded her or took away from her, nothing helped bring her grades up.

I hesitate to have my child identified as ADD or rather, ADHD without hyperactivity. I don't want her on drugs that will modify her behavior or mute her creativity, so after receiving this diagnosis today, I started looking at natural remedies and organizational solutions to help her.

But before I could do that, I had to address this problem of the 16 missing assignments. I went to her middle school this afternoon for a mandated Individual Culmination Plan meeting, basically, a group meeting with about 30-40 parents watching a slide show to talk about what our junior high schoolers will require in high school to graduate and attend college. I fully intended to give this annoyance of a teacher the hear-to-and-what-for... but managed to talk with her Math/Science teacher first. He was great! We discussed the ADD diagnosis and he gave me some great advice. He also showed me some assignments that needed to be turned in, which I was aware of due to the SnapGrades program, and we discussed how 12 kids were out today with the same flu she had last week. When I went to talk with her other teacher, I found out that those bulk missing assignments were actually due while she was away... but her T.A. entered them as "F's," instead of "Excused" due to her absence.

Go Figure!

My daughter had the Workbook in her backpack and turned the assignment in right then. Had I not addressed this issue with her teacher, who knows when it would have gotten updated in her records if at all!

I came home and went through her backpack with her pulling out all the makeup work from last week, any missing assignments and today's homework so I could organize them all in order of importance. One of the things I've learned rather quickly is that ADD children need to be given small assignments to do in short time frames, with her, its 20 minute intervals so she can focus for short periods of time. Then she can get up, take a break, get water, use the bathroom... whatever she needs to do. She also needs a lot of help organizing her time so that she gets things done in a timely manner. I have to really be active in her sitting down to do homework and double check it because sometimes she skims the assignment...

I know it has to be weird thinking of a porn star as a mom that actually does the PTA thing. Its like I easily slid from one role to the other without much thought and consideration. But I have to tell you, I love this role more than any other...

Blog 347: Los Angeles - Meet Me at Adultcon!

If you are going to be in Los Angeles March 20-22, I will be attending Adultcon 16! Sharing a booth with me will be my best friend, Kitten, and we will be signing autographs, taking pictures and selling DVDs & 8X10s. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello! Mention my blog for a special gift!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog 346: Routines are NOT always routine.

Yesterday was an amazing day... Jax and his/ our baby Kai came over in the late afternoon/ early evening to hang out with the rest of our family. Earlier in the day I dropped my friend Robbye at Burbank airport, then picked up my best friend Kitten from LAX. My house is always a revolving door of porn stars and friends that become temporary roommates... Lol! Kitten is moving into my guest room for next 6 months so at least there will be a little stability for awhile again. After that, I'm turning my guest room into just that... a guest room, so when my parents come into town they actually have a place to crash instead of booting me out of my room. :)

Anyway, after my 2 airport runs I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry and cleaning the kidlet's messy bathroom. I have SO much clothing... I really need to go through my closets and make a go of taking stuff to the Goodwill and auctioning off my wardrobe on ABIBids. This week, I promise. ;-)

So back to Jax and Kai.. they came over and settled in, Kai becoming more comfortable each day. Jax adopted her from an American Bulldog breeder after she'd had two litters to give her a loving home and environment where she could grow and flourish as a dog and not just a breeding machine. Her life had been so limited before that even being indoors was new to her. She's taken her time getting accustomed to him, his home, me and my home... But thankfully she's starting to follow me around and come when I call her. She's finally been introduced to Duke, my adopted Cocker Spaniel, and watching the two of them play is a treat!

I made one of Jax's favorite dishes, fried tilapia with steamed fresh snapped green beans with garlic butter sauce and steamed broccoli. The fish, a recipe I modified from Aaron McCargo, Jr. of Big Daddy's House on the Food Network.

While I cooked and cleaned like woman possessed... Jax walked the dogs and watched a little TV. Once I got the kidlet to bed, we snuggled up and enjoyed a show together. I love the routine we fall into when we can just relax and be ourselves. Being that we have just started integrating our animal family, our "Chia Pet Family Weekends" (as in... add water, instant family,) as Jax calls them, had dwindled greatly... It was nice having him over knowing that he wouldn't have to get up and go home at the end of the night.

After all that cleaning, I desperately needed a shower and he watched from the sideline. I started feeling rather randy with him watching me. I slowly toweled off while he caressed my body then applied lotion to my skin. I decided to add a little makeup and flat ironed my hair... then selected a little nightie from my lingerie closet. I joined him on the bed while he smoked a bowl. He just turns me on so much... I decided to change into a sexier little chemise, a white and blue one that looks like an apron I had purchased for him when we first got together but never wore. I rejoined him on the bed...

When his lips touched mine, I released... all the tension of the day just melted away. His hands moved slowly along my breasts and waist and he commented on how significant my body had changed. His kiss... his tongue exploring my mouth while his hands explored my skin... he slowly brought me to my first, second and third orgasms all without pulling down my panties. But when he did... Mmmm... His hands explored the inside of my pussy expertly, slowly inserted more and more fingers inside me. Stretching my walls as he licked my nipples taking me higher and higher... I love the way he moves me...

My body just RESPONDS to him.

He gives me something no one else can... a love jones. Since I'd shot last week and was in between tests, I naturally reached for a condom before straddling his cock. Once inside me I exploded immediately - my juices running down the sides of his cock. I had to slow him down a little, our energies in different places, when he bit my nipple a little too hard.

"I'm in a much softer place than you right now baby..."

He came back down to meet me, and gently slid in and out of me like no one else can. Our love making lasted hours, then a brief break, then right back into our groove. At 2:30am, after much lust and pleasure and orgasm, we finally collapsed in one another's arms and I drifted pleasantly off to sleep.

When my alarm went off a 6am I didn't want to get out of bed with myMan. I snuggled up next to him and wrapped my arms around him. I fell back asleep for an hour then got up and woke the kidlet down the hall. While she got dressed, I climbed back in bed with my lover for another 15 minutes before hitting the shower myself and getting ready for my day. Jax walked the kids while I prepared the kidlet a quickie breakfast of smoked salmon and cream cheese roll-ups with orange juice.

I kissed my man goodbye, drove the kidlet to school then hopped on the 101 to Downtown LA through morning rush hour traffic.

I was 20 minutes late for my doctor's appointment. The last 6 months, I had been totally avoiding my Oncologist. I hate going to the hospital for these day long appointments. Its been 4 years since I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer for the second time and had surgery to remove the 3 large muscinous tumors. I've been in remission ever since, but I have to see the doctors at the hospital's GYN-Oncology clinic every couple of months to make sure it's staying that way. Today I expressed concern that my periods lately have been extremely long for me... 10-14 days as opposed to my normal 3 days. The doctor said it shouldn't be my high dose birth control causing it, (that I've been taking for endometriosis post-surgery,) but that it could possibly be polyps or in very rare cases, pre-cancerous cells growing on my cervix or uterus. So instead of just my yearly pap smear, (which I missed in December,) I would also be getting a biopsy.

I asked naively if I'd need to schedule an appointment for the biopsy and was informed she could do it right then and there. So I undressed, put my legs in the stirrups, and laid back to be poked and prodded. Had I known I'd be getting a pap smear and biopsy today I probably wouldn't have let Jax fist me last night... Let me just say this, while a pap smear is uncomfortable, having a tube inserted into your cervix so your uterus can be scraped is downright PAINFUL!

I couldn't help myself, when she inserted the tube into my cervix I bit my lip and said "DAMMIT!" When she started scrapped the walls of my uterus tears welled up in my eyes and I said,

"God Dammit That Fucking HURTS!"

The female doctor apologized immensely, then apologized once more when she had to do the procedure a 2nd time in case they needed a second sample... Of course, she apologized a 3rd time when she needed to scrape my cervical canal...

"FUCK That hurts like a bitch!"

When it was all over, the nurse brought me a Motrin 600 and a huge glass of water, both of which I accepted gratefully. Next I had to go to the lab for blood work, a CBC, a Tumor marker and a couple of other tests... then off to Radiology for a chest X-Ray and to schedule an appointment for a transvaginal ultrasound. Six hours later I left the hospital in a significant amount of pain and headed back to the valley - but at least that's over for a little while. I'll go back in a month for results...

En route home, I stopped at my agent's office to pick up a check, went to the bank, then picked up the kidlet from school. I finally made it home and laid on the sofa while she started her homework and drifted off to sleep for a bit... still uncomfortable from the procedure earlier today.

A short while ago, I awoke from my nap, made dinner, helped the kidlet with formulas for solving the area of a triangle and trapezoid, and settled in to write this blog...

Back to my routine.
Hopefully tomorrow I will feel a little more up to doing webcam. Right now? I don't want to THINK about putting anything into my vagina. :(

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog 345: Check out my new wishlist!

Hello all,

I always get emails asking what sort of gifts I'd like for holidays, my birthday, etc, but had never really put together my wishlist. So I finally decided to put forth some effort and work on adding some items to my list. :) There is everything from $8.00 books to bargain lingerie on for under $25.00 to a new digital camera and a new Apple MacBook Pro. I love gifts and if you'd like to surprise me with something to make me smile, I'd love to send you a little something in return. hehe!

Check out my wishlist widget, but be sure to click the link to go to my wishlist itself to view all the items on there... you'd be surprised at what a girl can do in a few hours! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog 344: Hello my long lost lover...

I've checked my blog several times over the last few weeks, but things have been so crazy that I haven't had the opportunity to blog. Today for example, between having my contract with my former webmaster abruptly terminated, then reinstated, the terminated again - I've been super busy locking down my new website deal, meeting with my lawyer to deal with the breach of contract that I haven't had much free time on my hands.

So no, is no longer my site. My official website, will be up and running within 30 days!

Not to mention that tax season is upon us and I am trying to get mine under control. I am the WORST at record keeping, but luckily I have a wonderful accountant in my corner that is really amazing and may actually get me a refund this year! :)

In addition to straightening out what had the potential to be a hairied tax situation, my accountant is insisting that I pay the franchise tax board fees to the Secretary of State, set up a business account for my LLC, and start having all my personal income run through my LLC from this point on... That means switching my phone sex line, varied webcam companies I work with, and my varied clip store accounts ALL switch over from using my social security number to my companies' EIN. So for the bulk of this evening I have spent time looking for the Articles of Organization for my LLC, so that I could verify how everything was set up so I could acquire my EIN online... of course, with my convoluted files, (and having a 3rd party company set it up for me,) I had no idea if the LLC was set up as a single or multi-member LLC... and required that information to set up the Tax ID number.

Ugh and Grr to say the least!

But at least my accountant was able to give me all the necessary information I needed so I can start throwing away all the millions of unnecessary pieces of paper that I've been hoarding so I have a better handle on it and can start getting organized. I realized tonight while talking to a close friend that the company she works for does just that... helps people get organized! I feel a new expense coming on...

Thursday night I received a last minute call to do a makeup shoot for Rob Black/ Exquisite for a movie I shot 4 months ago. The idiot editor lost the hardcore footage of the scene so I had to come back in to shoot it all over again... Of course I got paid a second time! I didn't have to shoot any pretty girl stills, hardcore stills or tease video... I literally showed up makeup ready and got down to business! Sort of... Rico Strong showed up super late then sat around surfing myspace and having a drink for almost an hour before he was ready and "centered" to fuck me. :(

Friday night, I did get a chance to spend a little time out and about. My friend M1 from dead prez called me up on Friday to say they were in town and performing at the Key Club. My daughter was going to a friend's house to stay the night, so i called up Aurora Jolie, picked her up and drove over the hill to West Hollywood. The drive was quick Sunset Blvd. Traffic wasn't too bad... We arrived just in time to see the guys hit the stage a little after midnight.

Check out these pics I took with my new iPhone from the stage!

The show was amazing and we truly had a great time... I didn't get home until 5:30am! I used to go to concerts damn near every week but lately, I've become such a homebody that I've been missing out on all the good stuff!

I've been back on webcam on IMLive and again lately. I love taking fresh snapshots daily of my webcam shows so all you horny guys and girls can see what I look like at that very moment. :) I love getting dressed up for my cam shows... I'm thinking of doing a costume show later this week for a little role play! Perhaps I'll put on my naughty nurse's outfit? Or a strict school teacher? hehehe!

I have some really exciting news coming up but I'm going to wait until the contracts are signed to share the rest of my amazingly good news... So far, while work has been a little slower than usual, Love Digital Media is starting off strong! Yay me!

I promise I'll blog more often.
But be sure to follow me on Twitter for those in between blog fixes!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog 343: Sometimes the normal days are the busiest...

I often feel like I have split personalities... Bouncing from porn star to mommy and back again. While I adore the glitz and glamour that a life in front of the camera brings, what I love the most is the time I spend at home taking care of my family.

I love being a mom. The last few days have been a bit hectic; filled with grocery shopping, laundry, and general house cleaning. Yesterday I had to pay a visit to the Dean of Students at the kidlet's middle school to discuss how she could possibly get into a fight and I not receive a phone call, (despite their ability to call me frequently about her excessive "lateness," (read: no more than 5 minutes,) to homeroom. I walked into the Dean's office calmly, knocked softly on his door, and calmly, yet assertively expressed my concern over this bully, pride over my daughter's ability to defend herself as taught, and disdain over the school's lesson of "blaming the victim," by giving each participant in the altercation equal punishment. In the end, she didn't get an at-home suspension, but received an in school suspension instead. I'm still not happy with it... but at least they know that they have to answer to me from now on.

I was blessed both Sunday and today with visits from Jax. It was nice seeing him give my daughter a pep talk about her fight Sunday, reassuring her that she did the right thing, and advising her how to deal with the situation, both with a warning and a blow to the nose, in the event something like this happens again.

I made breakfast, then after a nice long walk to begin integrating our dogs, we stole away for a little nap in the middle of the day... only to result in beautiful, passionate sex. He makes me orgasm like no other man can. When it was finished, I drifted off to sleep with a kitty full of cum and wrapped in myHeart's arms. He waited until I was fast asleep and, kissed my forehead and slipped downstairs. He told my daughter to let me sleep and locked the door behind himself as he headed home. I slept for a couple of hours, only to awake reaching for my phone to call him. I apologized for falling asleep on him as usual, chatted for a bit, then started my nightly ritual.

One of my favorite parts of the day is preparing supper. I love going through recipes, either online or by flipping thought the cookbooks on my shelf to find the perfect dish to try. This is my time to catch up with friends and family on the phone, usually to be interrupted by the kidlet with homework questions. Last night I went through her binder to remove all the assignments from last semester and organize for the new one before bed. I love this child but she is SO unorganized! :)

Tonight I managed to get everything done relatively early so I could settle in and watch Nip/Tuck at its regular time of 10pm. I also sat down and typed up some information to take over to my webmaster for our meeting bright and early in the morning. We are going to go over my website redesign and I'm going to bring them some content to go up right away as well. :) Now, to just put together the CDs that I'm taking over to them and I can ACTUALLY get to bed at a decent hour! Yah!

My publicist called today to give me the great news that I have been asked to be a presenter at the XBiz Awards on Thursday night! Woohoo! We also went over all the information for my radio interview tomorrow morning at 10a on Sam and Suzy in the Morning on LA Talk Radio. The Live Call in Number for the Show is: 1-818-602-4929. Call and talk to me in the morning!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog 342: My interview w/ Jeremy Steele on

I just noticed my interview with Jeremy Steele on Poontalk is up! Be sure to check it out along with the hot photos he took of me last night! :)

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Blog 341: Its so hard to say goodbye...

*Sigh* Seems like I'm always losing my nearest an dearest...
Yes folks, that's right. Your Sinny is going to be laptopless once again.:(

Back in October I sent my iBook off to Apple to be repaired because the monitor was running through a series of color bars on boot up. My baby was gone for 10 days, and wouldn't you know that 3 days after I got it back, the display started acting up again! This time, after going into hibernation, the screen would go white for a few seconds before depixalating to reveal the normal screen. Well, I couldn't afford to be without my computer for another 10 days and miss that much webcam right before the holiday season, so I kept it. Now its gotten to the point where the white screen stays for 5-10 minutes before depixalating. I took it by the Apple Store yesterday to find out if they'd have to send it in again and to my disappointment, they confirmed my worst fear.

Here's the thing... The 90 day warranty on the repair from late October expires on Feb. 7th... 3 days from now. Want to know what's worse? My 2 year Apple Care Extended Warranty expires on March 10th. *Sigh* I know I need to just buy a new computer, but right now? Its SO not in my budget. This machine was a replacement sent by Apple when my original machine was repaired so many times that they had to replace it under company policy... (Which states by the way, that if the same repair is done more than 3 times, they have to replace the machine.) That machine was a replacement for the machine before it. Can you guess that I'm hoping its the same problem? Lol!

Even if its not, I appreciate that Apple's Apple Care will repair any hardware issue for free. I'm just tired of being without my damn machine! Luckily, I just purchased a new iPhone, so at least I won't be completely SOL. I'm actually going to find out if the store can provide me with a loaner, at the suggestion of the Apple rep I spoke with on the phone. Back in the day, I would get them to give me rental reimbursement during the course of the repair. I tried that today and they said no dice. :(

*Sigh* I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens when I go into the store in an hour.

On to better topics, last night my publicist talked me into hosting Porn Star Karaoke at Sardos Bar and Grill. I hadn't been to PSK since my old agent, Lighthouse hosted a night there, perhaps over a year and a half ago. If you followed my twitter last night, you know that the party wasn't exactly jumping. I didn't arrive until 11:30pm, and other than my agent and Connie, a director from, there were no porn people in attendance. I had one drink, took pics with fans and for the usual porno photogs then quietly tipped toe'd out of the venue when we'd agreed I'd filled my obligation. The other girl that was supposed to host, Angelica Lane, didn't even show up! On the way out the door, I was stopped by Jeremy, a blogger for Poontalk, and did a mini interview and shot a couple of pics outside the club.

I came home and took an ambien when I realized my insomnia was about to hit 36 hours of no sleep so I could get a good night's rest before going to work.

This morning I woke up, took the kidlet to school, then came home to walk the dog, field a few calls and check email. I got a call from the Assistant (Vice?) Principal of my daughter's school about her incessant tardies to homeroom. We devised a plan then I scurried to shower, dress and pack my bag for work. I somehow managed to hit every single street light, making my 8 minute commute to location a 25 minute drive. Fortunately, although I arrived late for my 10:45am call time, they were running behind as well - apparently everyone arrived late today. Both girl's whose scenes were before mine were in makeup when I arrived on set. I tweeted from my iPhone, and took the pic you see here from the makeup chair! I love how Chris, the makeup artist, did my makeup today. Hopefully I will get a loaner from Apple so I can hop on IMLive late night tonight!

I'm off to charge and sync my iPhone and back up my hard drive before I leave for the Apple Store.

Wish me luck!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog 340: Life and Times of Sinnamon Love

If you've been following my Twitter you know that my life is relatively surreal... I float easily from mommy-mode to porn star, girlfriend to super slut with relative ease. :) If you haven't been following me the past few days, here's what you've missed. hehehe!

Thursday, Jan. 29th I was the guest host for "Private Calls" on Playboy Radio. Playboy Radio is on Sirius and XM Channel 99. My topic? Relationships with great people but the sex is absolutely horrible! The show was awesome, it was a tough topic... but I ha some interesting callers and even a woman that called in because she dated a seemingly perfect guy with a teeny, tiny cock!

Friday, Jan. 30th, I attended Porn Super Stud, Mr. Pete's Birthday Party at Club Aura in Porn Valley. I rolled off the sofa at 11pm and finally showered just in time to make a fabulous appearance at the well attended event. I ran into my girlfriend Sincere, Marie Luv, Mr. Marcus, Aurora Jolie, Mr. Pete's boo Alexis Texas, my super publicist James Bartolet, Manuel Ferrera, Tony Ribas, director Dynomite Dolemite and lots of other porn valley residents. I only stayed an hour, but I had a great time and was glad I headed out to help Pete celebrate. :)

Saturday, Jan. 31st, I hopped a flight to Las Vegas to visit with a male acquaintance from Lagos, Nigeria and his lovely girlfriend from London. During the trip, we met up with the very gorgeous Satine Phoenix at the Circle Bar and then at 4am the 5 of us took a trip to Seemless, a strip club turned after hours club after 4am. With bottle service and a table, we soon enjoyed lap dances by 3 of the hottest Asian strippers with perfectly enhanced (?) bodies.

Satine is my newest porno crush... her panties laced with frosting, I find myself enamoured with her the entire night, wishing I weren't previously committed and that I were visiting with myHeart Jax instead. At 7am we rolled out of the strip club and made our way back to our hotels. Our parties separated, my team orders a light snack from room service. The lovely Francis and I rolled around in bed for a bit while Herb played cameraman. Food arrived and interrupted our tryst. Francis fell asleep on the sofa and Herb and I wind up talking the morning away. At 10am, I finally move her to the bed and lie on the sofa texting my bestie Kitten about my little visit.

At 12:45pm on Feb. 1, I wake up and quickly pack, shower and dash out the door for the airport, saying goodbye to my friends. Fortunately, being Super Bowl Sunday, the airport was virtually empty, allowing me to make it through security and to my gate just in time for boarding. I made it to Burbank Airport, luggage included, then home to pick up the kidlet. While she walked the dog, I packed a little bag and we headed out to the market then on to Jax's to watch the second half of the game. I ate a Shrimp and Surimi salad from Trader Joe's then promptly passed out next to my man. A couple of hours later, I awake and make dinner; Baked salmon with a peach salsa and sauteed garlic spinach. After dinner, I pack up the kidlet, say goodbye to Jax and head home. I made it to bed before 1am, something I haven't managed in awhile...

This morning, (Feb. 2,) I awake on time to get the kidlet to school, answer a few emails then head back to bed. I ignore my cell phone ringing off the hook, only to awake in time to pick my daughter up at 3pm. Back home, I make an after school snack or salmon cakes then shower, apply makeup and head out the door to my publicist in West Hollywood. I make it there in good time, considering it was the start of rush hour traffic. Waiting for my arrival was the host of a Spanish show called Alarma TV and his cameraman. We do a quick Valentine's Day tease video of me rolling around n the bed in a gorgeous red nightie, then an interview that will be broadcast in 5 Spanish Speaking countries around the world.

Afterwards, my publicist and I went over some information for a press release regarding my hosting Porn Star Karaoke tomorrow night, an in-store appearance in April, a radio show I'm doing next week, and my upcoming skate board. :) Lots accomplished in a 3 hour visit!

I made my way home in traffic and decided to stop by a Taco Bell/ Pizza Hut drive-through before pulling in the garage. I managed to only miss the first 20 minutes of 24, spoke to my honey, and got the kidlet in the bed just past bedtime after fussing abut homework that hadn't been completed. Once quiet, I paid a few bills online, made my to do list for tomorrow, and sent out a few emails while watching reruns of Sex and the City.

I hate that I missed the first week of the new Porno Bowling League tonight... oh well, there is always next week! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Lots to do so I better head off to bed. :) I'm hosting Porn Star Karaoke tomorrow night for the first time. I can't wait to post lots of pics from the party! Hopefully there is enough light inside so I can take lots of pics with my new iPhone from the party!

Off to bed, Night all!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog 339: Simplying the Complicated

"A person who weighs 200 pounds on Earth would weigh about 32 pounds on the moon. Find the weight of a person on Earth who would weigh 15 pounds on the moon."

This was a real proportions word problem on my daughter's 6th grade honors math homework tonight. To solve the problem:

200/32 = x/15

32x = 200x15
32x = 3000
32x/32 = 3000/32
x = 93.75 lbs.

Ok wait... who the fuck weighs 93.75 lbs? Unless you are like.. I don't know, 14 years old? Lol!

Sorry... I'm high on dark hot chocolate with whipped cream and the thrill of remembering how to create equations from word problems and solving them correctly. :) Out of 32 problems, I found 7 errors. Not to mention, I just realized that my daughter's teacher isn't showing them the proper way to solve the equations... or at least she isn't doing it correctly. I seem to remember my dad looking at my homework when I was a kid and telling me that there was an easier way to solve the problems so that I not only "got it," but was able to recheck my work to make sure it was done correctly. Tonight I was looking at her paper and trying to figure out how the hell she came to her answers... because it looked a total mess. I finally realized that he was teaching them to find lowest common multiples, (a total waste of fucking time,) and dividing or multiplying each side by it. Now... I was a math FREAK in school, and I'm starting to understand why pre-algebra was so difficult and why that was the turning point for my love affair with numbers until geometry came along. I like simple answers and concrete solutions. Geometry was tangible. All that solving for X,Y,A,B or C crap made no sense to me at all. After all, Letters weren't numbers. :)

But now I looking at her homework, it all seems so simple to me. I guess my dad's lessons stuck, (and those years of trig, calc, and that damn probability and statistics class...) I am starting to understand why it takes my daughter so fucking long to do her homework and why she's losing her passion for numbers. We can't have that... now can we?

I suppose we'll be having an impromptu lesson on how to simplify and solve these equations tomorrow before school. :)

In thinking about how convoluted something so simple has become, it gives me pause to think about how so many things in life have become more complicated than they really need to be. Or conversely, how sometimes we approach things as though they are so simple they don't require much thought at all... Both are counterproductive and waste time and energy.

I'm very focused on work right now. I am getting organized and have had 2 days of shoots for my new foot fetish store and shot 10 clips in the last week. Just 4 more clips and I will be ready to launch the new store! Next up I will be shooting content for my fart fetish/ ass worship store, then once completed I will be shooting content for my FemDom/ BDSM store. :)

Today I went to Playboy Radio for a brief meeting to complete payroll paperwork and listen in on Taylor Wane hosting Private Calls to get a feel for the show. I will be hosting the show on this Thursday evening and am organizing my thoughts on great topics to talk about. I've had a few glitches in my schedule... people that want to make what should be simple transactions so much more complicated than need be... so I've been simply cutting ties with them so that I can stay focused. I have never understood people that create drama in situations where there doesn't need to be. I've learned over the years that if you 1) establish the goal, 2) figure out the path to achieve the goal and 3) follow the path with little deviation... anything is possible. I am the Queen of multitasking. Not everyone likes to do it, but sometimes its absolutely necessary. I suppose being a mom its become necessary for me to wear multiple hats all the time. I have learned not to be in such a hurry to get things done, but to rather give myself realistic goals and time frames to complete them so as not to stress myself out.

One of the things I've struggled with in the past is staying on task. I'm so good at multitasking that sometimes I will have 10 incomplete projects going on at once. One of my lessons from last year was to complete projects in order of importance and not straying from task or taking on more than I can chew. I've also learned to delegate responsibility. I have learned to let my agent book my shoots and hired a publicist just before AVN to handle all the requests for interviews, night club and party hosting and in store appearances. I am horrible in getting back to people by email and getting stuff like this on the calendar and find that this may just be the most brilliant decision I've made of the year so far. Now, to just find an editor to handle all the new content I'm shooting! :)

I'm hoping by reducing my work load, I will be able to spend more time doing the stuff I love as promised in my 2008 year end wrap up blog. :)

Now, Off to bed... I'm up in 2 hours to get the kidlet off to school!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog 338: Busy Week, Happy Girl!

Last week was really busy. Monday I went to Playboy Radio for an interview on Nightcalls with Christy Canyon and Nikki Hunter. I hadn't been on the show in awhile, and as usual it was a blast talking about all the stuff I'm up to and taking calls from fans. :)

Last Tuesday I had a great content shoot with Madame Jas. Jas and I met at the Footnight events and recently ran into each other when she came to Vegas for AEE. I was really excited when our schedules worked out to be able to shoot together so quickly! I'd been wanting to shoot content for my new foot fetish site, BlackFootGoddess on Clips4Sale, but hadn't had a chance to break down and do it, so this was a perfect opportunity to shoot with someone else that gets the kink as much as I do. :) She had a wonderful foot slave available, so we shot some great foot clips of us dominating her slave both together and solo. We got some amazing foot worship and trampling clips and 2 of them will appear on the store in the next couple of weeks when I launch it! Yah! Enjoy these photos from last week's shoot!

I will be shooting with Jas again tomorrow and will definitely get some samples up tomorrow evening to share! Be sure to visit her Clips4Sale store as well as be on the lookout for her new website Submit and Serve coming soon!

Madame Jas and I trampling her slave Jeff

Face and chest standing

20 toes on his face and in his mouth!

slave Jeff worshiping my feet!

Thursday night, I attended the Footnight LA party in Downtown at Isabella Sinclaire's studio. The parties lately have been well attended, a bit too much I think. Over 65 girls and an equal number of guys means not nearly enough people to session with! I still had a good time, but didn't make nearly the amount of money I normally would have. I did however meet lots of guys interested in booking private foot and Domination sessions. I'm really looking forward to sessioning more this year with lots of slaves and submissives locally. I've started renting at Sanctuary again, and am looking forward to using their space for sessions and shoots in the next few months. :)

Last night I attended Dr. Susan Block's Eros Day Party in her studio in Downtown LA. It was CRAZY but fun. I met Jessica James and Regan Reese, but had to scurry out of there before the show was over to get home to Jax and a sick little girl. I caught up on a lot of sleep today... but am going to have to crash soon as I'm shooting tomorrow with Jas and one of my foot slaves tomorrow PLUS my fav video guy, Sturgeon Court will be shooting balloon fetish clips of us tomorrow as well! :)

Off to watch Desperate Housewives and make some European Dark hot cocoa with whipped cream...

Enjoy the night!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog 337: Love and the Obama Administration

Once the great Love in the White House was known as Camelot... Now there are the Obamas.

This is not going to be one of my more eloquent blogs. I wish it were... but I have so many thoughts going through my head and I just want to get it out. So let me preface this by saying forgive the flow of this blog... but try to understand. :)

Throughout the election I did my bit in expressing my adoration for my candidate's platform and made sure I looked at all the interviews and debates so I would be a well informed citizen... not simply caught up in the hype of a rock star candidate. I voted for the then senator, based on the issues that are important to me and my family, so my voice would be heard. On election night, like many others, I cried after the words, "Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States of America," were recited. The historical impact of Mr. Obama's election to the highest office in our country affected me because for the first time since I began voting 17 years ago, I felt like I was truly going to be represented in the White House, not just because of the color of Obama's skin, but his ideals, his views, his politics and his dreams.

Later on, I began to realize just how significant his election would truly be and the impact it would have on my community... Not only would there be a Black man holding the highest executive position in the country, but there would be a Black family living in the White House that were not servants. There would be little Black girls playing on the stairs and running around the White House lawn, not as visitors, but as residents...

What's perhaps as equally important to me, is the comfort, ease and LOVE displayed between President and Michelle Obama. They have unwittingly become role models for young people, to show just what a relationship can be. So often, we become caught up in our individual pursuits that we fail to acknowledge or bend to fit our partner into our lives. Or on the converse, we fall into the myth that "two become one," that we cease to be ourselves. Michelle and Barack have shown that even within the confines of a relationship, you can still pursue your individual dreams. They have each shown what can be possible with education, hope and perseverance. They have shown what can happen when you have someone to lean on and support your dreams...

Michelle inspires me. I view this Ivy league educated woman, who despite a high powered job of her own, could look at her husband with so much LOVE and agree to set her professional goals aside to support her man on a journey that today lead them to living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. She epitomizes the scripture, "Love is not selfish..." You can just tell, when she looks at him, that she loves him more than anything. When he gazes back at her, you can tell that he loves her too. They do not put on airs in public, merely waving at the crowd and smiling... they kiss, they hug they LOVE publicly. I see it in their eyes, their caresses, their smiles at one another. It is so obvious that the love each other unabashedly. That sort of love should be the goal of any couple in love.

When I read President Obama's letter to his daughter's Sasha and Malia, or when I've seen him interact with them on television or in the rare interview, you can tell that this is a man that truly adores his family. His speech the other night about the responsibility of the Black Man to his family and where they have fallen off, it reassured me that this is a man that will hopefully influence how young men in the future will view family and responsibility as well.

But back to the First couple... The youth and vitality of this couple along with their love gives me hope that there will actually be a couple with a healthy relationship in the White House. I look at them and feel reassured that there will be no indiscreet affairs with interns or separate bedrooms for this couple. I see their affection towards one another and envision a President unwinding in bed with his wife, even if only for a moment. I perhaps fantasize of Michelle in a slinky piece of barelly there fabric from La Perla, inviting the Commander in Chief into the Lincoln Bedroom whispering, "Mr. President," in a voice more sultry than Marilyn Monroe... I can only imagine the sexual role-play that will happen in bedrooms across America tonight as people will pretend to be The President and The First Lady... but know that none of it will compare to the real deal.

As I watch CNN tonight, viewing the footage of him excusing himself from his speech at the Youth Ball so he could, "dance with my wife," as he said... I can't help but smile knowing that he claims her so publicly. When he whispers in her ear and she smiles ear to ear.. I can only imagine the very private things they share in the midst of so many thousands of people.

I'm so happy that for the first time in a long time... there is Love in the White House that will hopefully influence how the rest of us Love one another.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog 336: Check me out on Playboy Radio TONIGHT!

Check me out on Playboy Radio today on SIRIUS 99 & XM 99. Night Calls is live between 4 and 7pm PST. I'm on @ 5:30p. Call in @ 877.205.9796

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog 333: The gift and the curse...

Its 1am at home in the Valley and all is quiet...
The kidlet in fast asleep, the dog's in his kennel and my dad is asleep on my sofa.

But I won't sleep anytime soon...
Not unless I mix this 3rd glass of red wine with ambien at least...

AEE was both amazing an tragic. My new publicist introduced me to they guy that will be doing my new skateboard line... someone is interested in possibly using me as a 3D scan in a video game, and we tested lots of people at the TKNO booth during the convention. I did interviews with Gamelink, Fleshbot, and Streets Magazine amongst many others.. and signed lots of autographs and took way too many pictures. But at least I looked good in my Nurse's outfit... oh, except that I was cramping and thought I was going to start my period s I slipped in a "just in case tampon," and was photographed for a couple of hours with a string hanging and no one bothered telling me...

Hanging at the TKNO Booth in my PVC Nurse's outfit"

My good friend Mistress Delilah stopped by the booth during a break from signing for Kick Ass Pictures. Delilah is Pakistani from the waist up and Puerto Rican from the waist down and 100% True Domina! She's my true heart and I love her dearly like a sister. :)

Kitten, Kapri and I looked fabulous in our Nurses costumes, and drew lots of attention on Friday all dressed up. The other girls changed into their booty shorts and t-shirts later in the day, but I loved my costume and the attention in brought. :)

It feels good to be home. My feet are finally starting to not kill me... and no, my Jax didn't take home Best Director - Ethnic, (Jules Jordan took that honor,) and yes, we spent most of our anniversary tiffing about one thing or another... for various reason, (and yes, to the point of my being pulled off the awards show floor by the lovely Mellisa Monet and into the bathroom when she saw tears in my eyes...) And let's not forget my purse being lifted by some fan asking to take a photo with me on the awards show floor - resulting in losing my phone for the 2nd time in a week along with my ID - but something bigger than all that happened during the convention.

On my way out of the convention on day 3, I had a brief 10 minute conversation with the owner of one of the larger companies in the business about something I've been working on for awhile. Someone close to me mentioned I should take my product to the head of sales of his company but I bypassed and took the opportunity I saw when he was sitting alone for a moment. He listened, joked, and asked me to send him something to look at. Now... its all I can think about. I have some stuff in the can, but my vision is so much more in depth than what I've produced already. I belong at this company... I can taste it.

My vision of an ethnic presence in fetish and BDSM videos is so elaborate.. my knowledge of kink and niche marketing so vast... I know that what I envision will not only sell, but create a new market that others will emulate. In searching databases... titles featuring basic internet keywords that seem so simple and obvious to me, have never been produced as video titles. Jax and I had a conversation this weekend, once again, about working together to create something amazing.... but I can't stop. I can't turn off my brain. I'm already 5 steps ahead and have my 3rd title on paper. I see things... I know things...

We had a conversation tonight about my creative energy and what it will take to harness it. I lack the technical skills but my creativity knows no boundary. I'm a Capricorn with a creative side.. a dangerous combination. I see an empty marketplace and envision a creative solution to fulfilling a void. But instead of waiting for someone else to make it happen, I put down on paper all the necessary steps, in raw detail, of what it will take to bring it to fruition. I'm a planner, an organizer... as well as the creative. I just lack the technical ability to make it happen. *Sigh*

I explained to Jax tonight how frustrated I had become with others profiting from my knowledge and how THIS is my time. I genuinely feel this is my last chance to do something truly great in my industry. It frustrates me because my directorial debut garnered 4 stars from AVN, a pre-nom for best anal sex scene, nominations for best anal and best ethnic series... and yet the review began with, "despite being directed by a woman..." during a time when female directors were rare... and wasn't released with the right company to take home any awards. I've worked with people starting websites, I partnered in a webcam company, I helped produce a magazine and was "almost" named their new publisher before they decided to just pack up and fold due to personal issues... I know a lot about my industry, and after 16 years, it hasn't gotten me a whole hell of a lot.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't get into this for the fame. I got into it as a single mom in college that didn't want to go on welfare. I finished school, but reluctantly became famous along the way. I love my job, I love the life I've been afforded because of it... but I.Want.More. While others dream of award wins for their performances, I want people to see what decadence and deviance lies in my brain. I don't want to direct simple, formulaic hardcore movies and compete with the other 20 talent turned directors out there... I dream of something so much more complex and personally fulling. I know I can do this.

Sex has depth and layers to it. I have always dreamt in technicolor... and finally, after almost 16 years, I can finally get this image out of my head and on wax, err... film... video?

I'm glad Jax and I fought this weekend. I'm glad we are having frank discussions about our wants and desires and hopes and dreams, not just personally and intimately, but professionally as well. I see things... I always have. I'm on the brink of something great and I want... no, I need his help to make it happen. Only because I love him can I let him in to this part of my life.


Its on.

I see things... clearly.

...just wait until I show you so your eyes can be opened for the first time too.

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog 332: Day 2 AEE preparation

Today was another hectic day. I started off working on photos of Kitten, Kapri and myself to be used as posters for's booth. From 11am-5pm I was locked in front of my computer. I was extremely frustrated when not once, but twice, my large files
would not upload to the printer's site. Now I'll have to burn them to disc and get them to a FedEx Kinkos in Vegas for printing. I did manage to get to the printer in LA in time to pick up our flyers, then scurried cross the valley to my nail salon. I'd called 3 times during the day to schedule an appointment but she wasn't answering. I made it only to find...

She was closed.

I went to the backup salon, a little hole in the wall run by an older Asian lady. They were closing up. She sent me to a place across the street.

Finally! I sat in the chair and got a much needed mani/ pedi. :)

Back home, I made pizza & a salad, and started laundry. I slipped out to the drugs store to pick up lashes and other must-have's for the convention floor. $70 later.. I had everything from firewood for my dad and kidlet while I'm away to creamy tomto soup to take on the road with me. Lol! Is it just me...? Or are 24 hour drug stores the most dangerous place for your wallet? Its like they have EVERYTHING you need whether you need it or not.

Now here I sit. 2 loads left to wash and I'm STILL not packed. I want to make sure the kidlet has clean clothes and my dad has whatever he needs readily available including a list of things to do and places to go while I'm away.

I'm debating packing up my lights, tri-pod and webcam so I can do some cam while I'm in Vegas. I think it'd be fun to hop online at least an hour or two a day from the privacy of our suite. I'll be rooming with Kitten and Kapri is staying in the same resort. Every year, I get a 2bedroom suite at a timeshare so I can have breakfast and dinner and relax while I'm there instead of running up a huge room service bill. During AEE it usually takes anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour to receive your food order... and dinner is the worst! With limited time in between signing and obligatory parties, its necessary to maximize every minute I have.

I spoke with Sara Jay today and am going to try to shoot content with her during my down time. I'm also planning to shoot some content with my good friend, Mistress Delilah of NYC while in town. Delilah is signing at Kick Ass Picture's booth during the show. I have received emails from 2 slaves, one I've shot before on and another who contacted me on MaxFisch regarding his availability during AEE. I'm hoping to shoot as much content for both my hardcore site and my fetish sites.

Off to pack so I can get some sleep before my early morning starts!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog 331: Preparing for AVN

All day I've been running around like mad. The week of AVN is always hectic... My morning started when I ran into a problem with the files I sent to the printer for our flyers. RGB not CMYK, wrong image size, wrong DPI... *sigh* I worked diligently on the photos until 2pm then showered and ran out to the bank - just in time before they closed. Then I had to go to Time Warner to politely curse them out about a $500 credit that I was granted, then was removed because "a manager didn't authorize it." (Back in November I was granted this credit because a customer service rep in store found that I'd been overcharged since January.) I threatened to switch my bundled service, (phone, internet and cable,) to AT&T if it wasn't fixed post haste and refused to pay my current bill until properly credited as well. Then I had to high tail it cross town, 30 minutes in rush hour traffic to Julian St. Jox's house to pay for my room in Vegas. I book a time share through him every year, (more space, more comfortable, off the strip and much less money...) Then back cross town, fighting sleep on the freeway... That was SO dangerous, but I made it.

Once home, I rang Jax to let him know I made it safely while starting dinner. I roasted a whole chicken, (thank god for my convection oven,) made garlic spinach and a touch of stuffing for the kidlet. Unfortunately, I had a few slices of cheese before dinner and that combined with my diet pills has left me full... but not too full to enjoy an orange soy dream bar. :)

Now I'm sitting here ready to start working on the photos again, renewed energy and focus. Gotta get them done asap. My (step)dad is arriving tomorrow to keep an eye on the kidlet while I am in Vegas, (usually its my mom but she's undergoing therapy for her back due to 3 herniated discs...) I'm so glad I get to spend a day with him before I leave and again when I get home. I'm so excited, having dinner with he and Jax tomorrow night so the two most important men in my life can finally meet! :-)

Blog 330: Deadlines & Procrastination

I have never been good at keeping things timely. I'm almost always at least 10-15 minutes late for most things unless it involves work... and even then, it takes a lot of effort to get there on time. I was always the kid that waited until the night before the big project was due to start, and finish, but still got an "A." What can I say, I work best under pressure. I have a hard time working, writing, whatever when I have plenty of time to do it in. I almost need to wait until the last minute to do my best work. Here I am, after having received my second deadline extension for this essay I'm working on and what do you know. Nada. I'm surfing the net, updating twitter and my blog and doing everything but writing.

Ok, I've had a snack, diet coke is nearby, I'm at my desk.. wait, maybe I'll move to the sofa. Should I lit the fireplace?


If I don't get it together, the 15th will be here before I know it and it won't be finished. Again. I promised myself time this year... dammit I'm going to give myself just that.

Back to work...

But before I go, I picked up the cutest sexy Nurses' costumes today for Kitten, Kapri and I to wear at TKNO's booth this week at AEE. I'm so excited to take pics in mine with all the fans in my little, tiny outfit and stockings!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blog 329: January Footnight Appearances

Don't miss the upcoming LA Footnight New Year's Party and Annual Footnight Awards on January 20th! I will be attending this event along with lots of other amazing foot models, fetish models, Pro-Domme's and generally hot women! Footnight parties are held at private locations, this one at a dungeon and studio, and require a donation of $20/ 10 minutes of foot play, worship, trampling or tickling. There is no sex involved of any sort at these events! Strictly foot play/ worship.

I am also planning to attend the Vegas Footnight on January 29th. If you are interested in booking a private session with me in Vegas for foot worship, trampling or BDSM, do contact me sooner rather than later as I will require that I have a certain number of confirmed private sessions booked in order to attend the event due to the expense associated with travel. Private sessions do require a small deposit to show that you are, in good faith, looking to session with me during my trip. I am not available as an escort, so don't ask. Thanks!

I am also looking for video slaves/ volunteers (in Los Angeles or Las Vegas,) for foot fetish scenes/ clips for my upcoming foot site, If you are interested in participating in one of my videos, do let me know!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blog 328: My AEE/ AVN Signing Schedule

This year I will be signing at the Adult Entertainment Expo for a company I really respect. TKNO, (The Know Now Organization,) provide rapid oral HIV tests across the country in the privacy of your home or hotel. I love what they do, the idea that you can call up and have someone dispatched to your home to test you or your partner(s) to insure, safe, sexy play is brilliant. I've worked with this company in the past, at a Swinger's Convention in Vegas getting people tested and providing them with a rubber bracelet detecting their negative status so they could "play safe."

Next week, I will be signing at the booth with my best friend Kitten and the gorgeous Kapri Styles. Kaylani Cream may also join us for one of the days during the show, so check back for more details. Below you'll find my AEE signing schedule and the convention hours for the show. Be sure to stop by the booth, take a picture and get tested!

Convention Hours:
Thursday, January 8, 2009
9:30am – 6:30pm

Friday, January 9, 2009
Trade: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Fans: 2:00pm – 8:00pm

Saturday, January 10, 2009
Trade: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Fans: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday, January 11, 2009
Fans and Trade: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Signing Schedule:
Thursday, January 8, 2009
4:00 PM-6:00 PM Kitten
4:30 PM-6:30 PM Sinnamon Love
4:30 PM-6:30 PM Kapri Styles

Friday, January 9, 2009
9:00 AM-3:30 PM Kapri Styles
11:30 PM-5:30 PM Kitten
2:00 PM-8:00 PM Sinnamon Love

Saturday, January 10, 2009
9:00AM-3:00PM Kitten
10:00AM-4:00PM Kapri Styles
11:00PM-5:00PM Sinnamon Love

Sunday, January 11, 2009
(No schedule)

Blog 327: My NYE/ 35th Birthday Party Pics

Photobucket Album

My Birthday falls on New Year's Eve. I hated it growing up. Forget the curse of 1 birthday/ Christmas present... imagine being a kid and never getting to have a party on your birthday because everyone's parents are going out. The last several years my birthday has taken on a life of its own:

2007 - Talib Kweli at The Roosevelt Hotel
2006 - Erykah Badu and dead prez at the HOB Sunset
2005 - Kanye West in Las Vegas
2004 - Diddy's party in Miami w/ 7 of my girlfriends & then bf
2003 - Diddy's Party in Miami w/ same bf
2002 - Diddy's Party in Miami
2001 - NYC w/ friends

Needless to say that I wanted to bring in the last year of this decade and the milestone of turning 35 a little differently. On Saturday before my birthday, I decided to throw a kid-friendly party at home. By Tuesday, 44 people had confirmed. My Wednesday morning, 61 people had confirmed. Roughly 40-45 people, (and 10 kids,) showed up at my house Wednesday night. My daughter threw a mini-party upstairs in her bedroom for the kids complete with Wii, video games, board games and snacks. The grown ups celebrated with dominos, great music, birthday cake, lots of food, champagne at midnight, stimulating conversation. It was a great time.

Enjoy this photo gallery from the party! Click the photo above to view the gallery. I deleted all the pics of the kid at the party at this is an adult blog, but those that attended the party can access the pics on

I have so much champagne and booze left over I'm thinking of throwing a party for Inauguration day!

Blog 326: My Latest FemDom Movie for Evil Angel

Title: Asses of Face Destruction 5
Director: Buttman Magazine Choice
Featuring: Alexis Texas, Ashley Fires, Brandon Iron (Brendon Iron), Bubba, Flower Tucci, Freddy Baxter, Penny Flame, Ryan Knox, Sinnamon Love (Sinnamon), Whitney Stevens

Summary: Facesitting fetish kings Roman Video caught the eye of Evil Angel founder John Stagliano with their focused, no-bullshit style of female-dominant ass-smothering. In their line of best-of compilations for Buttman Magazine Choice, Roman lures the viewer with a parade of sexy facesitters who spend some time talking to the camera about themselves between suffocating helpless men with their asscheeks. Asses of Face Destruction 5 showcases several girls (like big-assed bitches Alexis Texas and Whitney Stevens) who possess wide, plush posteriors just built for a man's face! Asses of Face Destruction 5 includes six trailers.

NSFW: Check out this trailer from Faces of Ass Destruction 5!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Blog 325: NSFW - Photos from JT Stockroom Party

These photos are from and were taken at a meet and greet thrown by bondage gearmasters, JT Stockroom. The party was for attendees of Webmaster Access West last month where myself, Scar, Thora Nang and a few others played Bondage Waitresses for the event. I had so much fun dressed most of the night in nothing more than a pair of butt cleavage leather panties and electrical tape pasties... but later changed into a leather bolero style straight jacket that exposed my breasts. The straight jacket also held a tray around our necks so that we could still serve food. Go figure! :) Enjoy these photos on their site from the party!

Blog 324: NSFW - My first appearance on!

Be sure to check out my first appearance on NaughtyAmerica's My First Sex Teacher!

I play a teacher's assistant getting busy with my boyfriend CJ Wright in the classroom. It is.. super hot!

Blog 323: A Year in Review

I have uploaded all my blogs from 2008. It was interesting looking at some of the photos and poetry I wrote from the last year and realized that I am truly fortunate. I have lived and loved and experienced the best of life. Feel free to read through my older blogs to get to know me, or reacquaint yourself with my life and times.

Blog 322: Fleshbot's Top 10 Crush Objects of 2008!

I only recently became familiar with Fleshbot and they of me, but guess what? They ranked me in their Top 10 Crush Objects of 2008! Woohoo! Granted, I'm #7 on the list, but since they just became familiar with me, its forgivable. Hehe! Besides, I'm in AMAZING company. My Chemistry 4 co-star Penny Flame is on the list as well!

NSFW Link:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blog 321: New Year, New Blog

I used to love to blog. Then I discover vlogging. Then I started having computer problems ALL the time. So I stopped. Both. One of my goals for the year was to blog more often. So I decided to start a new blog that would encompass my love for life, love, family, hip hop and yes, my job as a porn star. Its a new year, but that doesn't mean the past is obsolete. Over the next few weeks, I'll be adding some of my blogs from Myspace and my website so you can get to know who I am; mind, body and soul...