Monday, June 16, 2008

Blog 294: Listen to me on Sirius Satellite Radio Tonight!

I'm visiting NYC and tonight at 9pm EST I will be joining the crew on Lip Service on Sirius Satellite Radio. Check out the information below about the show!

Mondays 8 pm - 10 pm ET
Rebroadcasts Thursday at midnight
Hosted by Angela Yee & Leah Rose & feat. DJ Wonder on the 1 & 2's
Monday nights the ladies take charge on Shade 45 with Lip Service, the provocative program featuring Angela Yee (of the Cipha Sounds Effect morning show) and Leah Rose (music editor of XXL Magazine) talking recklessly about sex, relationships, and things that take place behind closed doors!!! Hot topics, current events, advice from renowned experts, special celeb guests and plenty of pillow talk rule the airwaves as Angela & Leah give it to you raw--so get up close and personal with the ladies of Shade 45 and Lip Service!!!!

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