Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog 352: New Year, New Directions...

In less that 24 hours, I will turn 36. Yes, my birthday is fastly approaching. There have been lots of things happening the last 2 months, and honestly, I don't know how I've been able to remain relatively calm about most of it. I'm not quite ready to reveal all that has been on my mind and heart... but I will say this.. lots of changes are coming in the new year.

I've never been big on resolutions.. not since I was a little girl... But I have been one to make decisions about my life and the direction I want it to go in. This year is no different. Not one to let the start of the new year influence my changes, I instead mark changes in my life as I turn a year older every year. It just so happens that my birthday, New Year's Eve, happens to be not only the biggest party day of the year, but the benchmark for the last hurrah before most people go diets and exercise programs and make most life-altering decisions that they don't keep up with after long. For me, changes come with age and expectations I have for myself at various points in my life... or just, when I've tired of things being the way they are...

In the coming year, I hope to restructure lots of things in life including the way I conduct my business, the way I handle my relationships and the amount of accessibility I give others to my life. This doesn't mean I'm cutting back... in fact, I think I will probably let people in even more. I think its time. There are things I've held back for so long, that I can think of no better way to free myself from the shackles that bind me, that to purge publicly... but not today.

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