Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love Letter #1

Jada Stevens just stopped by. She and I smoked... I started missing you so I put on Common's Be album. I got higher than I've been in awhile.. probably because I've barely slept from worry about you and I haven't eaten since you've left and... well, my kitty misses her Daddy... because Common's voice is nice but.. honestly, yours is so much better. I... think to myself, it would be great if Jorge were here to.. make love to me amongst the boxes and packing tape.. for that.. one last time in our 1st bedroom and.. on the balcony because its late and we'll hand over the keys so fuck it. ;-)

"How beautiful love can be," - Common

I love the way you touch me late night
your kiss along my collarbone.
I love..
the way you whisper dirty things in my ear.
The way you...
grab my face to look in my eyes
while you dig deep into my heart.
I love the way you move me
throw me around like a rag doll.
Tell me...
things we both know we really mean
even though we act like we're just playing.
make me feel as if the world has stopped
and nothing but you and I matter.
want to be able to give you sons
since you've already given me moons.
I want to kiss your feet the way you
kiss my face.
I want you to
taste my tears while
I taste your love.

Fuck you.
I was trying not to miss you this much.
I was trying not to touch myself while you were away..
And yet here I am...
that if I can't have you inside me tonight
that you won't mind if I touch myself
as long as I'm thinking of you...

I think I will.
I hope that's okay with you.

Because I...





I wish you understood just how much I love you.
I thought you knew.
I guess I'll have to remind you.
Here I am..
3,000 miles away
wishing you were home.
Not looking for someone else
until you return.
In all ways.

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