Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love Letter #13: Perhaps...

my love for you is stronger than i ever imagined.
perhaps God intended it to be that way.
for you and i to meet
and fall in love
so that we would know how deep our love could go.
God knew the struggles that would come along the way
and knew we needed one another
to lean against in times of strife
so we would have the strength
and resolve to fight
not just for ourselves
but for one another.
God saw this man and this woman
each with troubled pasts
each with similar vices
each with the desire for change
and the need for love
and directed us to one another.
I was never supposed to be in Miami that weekend
but I'm glad I was.
i needed to meet a man
that would be attracted to me physically
want to engage me sexually
learn my mind and respect me
hear my past and hold me
see my heart and love me
and God sent me you.
its amazing that through all this...
we are still fighting to hold on
out of love
not anger
or hate
or fear...
but because we both see the value
in what God has given us.

In the past I've often fought the gifts God laid before me. Afraid and angry after all the pain life brings. I am so grateful for this life I've been given, and recognize that he has brought me someone that truly loves me for me. All of me. Warts and all. Thank you for taking a walk with me last night. I love you J. Always. In all ways. Warts and all. :)


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