Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blog 257: Hottie of the Day

I'm taking a quickie minute to hop online before going back to unbraiding my daughter's 50 million braids (Thanks Mom!) in order to say hello. I know its been awhile since I've been here, as usual, I've been a busy girl.

Check out my telephone interview with Luke Ford (adult industry blogger/ reporter/ gossip columnist.)

Then check out my feature on West Coast Productions' site as Hottie of the Day for August 10.

I've got a few vlogs that I've recorded over the last couple of weeks that I will eventually get around to editing and uploading. I promise.

Other than that...

  • Anthony and I had an UNBELIEVABLE scene for Black Ice that left me quite satisfied.
  • Mr. Love was home for a few days and I was able to get away and reconnect.
  • The Director and I spent quite a few days fucking like rabbits before the kidlet came home from vacation... Including one night where he walked through the door, kissing me wildly while fucking me in a standing position against my front door until I was forced to lift my foot to the door handle for balance... leaving me with a NASTY Love Bite the following day.
  • I stayed up late one night last week baking and decorating 40 cupcakes to deliver to Rock Star Summer Cam to celebrate Princess Love's 10 birthday. They were so perfect... I recorded a video blog that will eventually get uploaded.
  • myLove and I reconnected and I discovered that I am even more in love than ever before...
  • Encounters with both The Director and myLove left me with the belief that Common's new release, Finding Forever is PERFECT to fuck to.
  • I watched as my now 10 year old daughter and her best friend fawned, blushed and giggled over boys at the pool... only to be told, "we're pre-teens now mom, you have to expect that one day we might like a boy. It's no big deal."
  • I've heard, "Mom! You're embarrassing me!" roughly 25 times in the last 2 weeks.
  • And I'm crossing my fingers & lighting a candle hoping that this couple that beat me to look at this condo in Sherman Oaks today doesn't manage to clear the credit check so I can break my lease and move at the end of the month into this killer place that I'm totally feeling. :)

Okay... back to work. My little rock star is fast asleep and I've got to somehow manage to slid her back on my lap so I can finish her hair. Oh for the love of hairspray... who the hell decided that it was fly to put hundreds of tiny braids in little Black girls heads AND put damn near as many beads on each with rubber bands that I swear had to have been engineered by Satan's minions... *Sigh* Back to work. At least SHE gets to sleep.

~*~ Sinn ~*~

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