Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blog 287: Fetishes on Tyra Banks Show Today

I recieved the following email from the owner of the Footnight Parties:

Hey All!

Here's a great heads-up from our resident Industry Guru Steven M.. Thanks Steve!

Today. Thursday May 8th, Tyra Banks is going to have an episode that's dedicated to various fetishes,including tickling, trampling. muscle worship and more.
It features Tommy and Tasha of the TickleAbuse site doing some F/M tickling (the guy gets tickled,unfortunately) and Footnight's good friend Floor (the Human Floor) who talks about his love for trampling and gets trampled by 15 to 20 barefoot ladies. Here's the link to a preview and more info about this episode...

Thanks again for the info Steven_M.

Steve Savage

So I went to the Tyra Show Siteand found this:

"How Freaky Are We?"

Just how freaky are you? After receiving an overwhelming response to previous guests' "squashing" fetish videos, Tyra investigates other sexual fetishes. First she speaks with a man who goes wild for incredibly muscular women, and the bodybuilder who earns $500 an hour to let him feel and kiss her muscles. Then, a couple reveals how they use tickling as foreplay. Later, Tyra speaks to a man who loves when women step all over his body -- including his face! He even asks 15 audience members to stand on him at the same time. Finally, a woman confesses why she enjoys dressings up as a little girl and wearing diapers.

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