Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blog 292: Love Squared

LOVE has me risking my life...
teetering on the edge of insanity
playing russian roulette..

have i lost my damn mind?
i think so
and i love every minute of it.

myLove called
trying to play nice
feeling me out
to see what He'd done wrong
not understanding

It was NOTHING He did
that i simply LOVE him too

with all my heart

and yet another has walked in the door
He left open
when He went away
to Trinidad
and India...

while He made the Dali Lama laugh
HE was making me laugh...
while He was loving life
HE was loving me...

no anomosity
just LOVE
enough to understand its time...
for new LOVE to grow.

I didn't mean to betray myLove
in fact myHEART is still pure.
So full, that I know I can LOVE
them both.
Yet knowing,
I have to chose.

Or rather...

haven't I chosen already?

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