Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog 343: Sometimes the normal days are the busiest...

I often feel like I have split personalities... Bouncing from porn star to mommy and back again. While I adore the glitz and glamour that a life in front of the camera brings, what I love the most is the time I spend at home taking care of my family.

I love being a mom. The last few days have been a bit hectic; filled with grocery shopping, laundry, and general house cleaning. Yesterday I had to pay a visit to the Dean of Students at the kidlet's middle school to discuss how she could possibly get into a fight and I not receive a phone call, (despite their ability to call me frequently about her excessive "lateness," (read: no more than 5 minutes,) to homeroom. I walked into the Dean's office calmly, knocked softly on his door, and calmly, yet assertively expressed my concern over this bully, pride over my daughter's ability to defend herself as taught, and disdain over the school's lesson of "blaming the victim," by giving each participant in the altercation equal punishment. In the end, she didn't get an at-home suspension, but received an in school suspension instead. I'm still not happy with it... but at least they know that they have to answer to me from now on.

I was blessed both Sunday and today with visits from Jax. It was nice seeing him give my daughter a pep talk about her fight Sunday, reassuring her that she did the right thing, and advising her how to deal with the situation, both with a warning and a blow to the nose, in the event something like this happens again.

I made breakfast, then after a nice long walk to begin integrating our dogs, we stole away for a little nap in the middle of the day... only to result in beautiful, passionate sex. He makes me orgasm like no other man can. When it was finished, I drifted off to sleep with a kitty full of cum and wrapped in myHeart's arms. He waited until I was fast asleep and, kissed my forehead and slipped downstairs. He told my daughter to let me sleep and locked the door behind himself as he headed home. I slept for a couple of hours, only to awake reaching for my phone to call him. I apologized for falling asleep on him as usual, chatted for a bit, then started my nightly ritual.

One of my favorite parts of the day is preparing supper. I love going through recipes, either online or by flipping thought the cookbooks on my shelf to find the perfect dish to try. This is my time to catch up with friends and family on the phone, usually to be interrupted by the kidlet with homework questions. Last night I went through her binder to remove all the assignments from last semester and organize for the new one before bed. I love this child but she is SO unorganized! :)

Tonight I managed to get everything done relatively early so I could settle in and watch Nip/Tuck at its regular time of 10pm. I also sat down and typed up some information to take over to my webmaster for our meeting bright and early in the morning. We are going to go over my website redesign and I'm going to bring them some content to go up right away as well. :) Now, to just put together the CDs that I'm taking over to them and I can ACTUALLY get to bed at a decent hour! Yah!

My publicist called today to give me the great news that I have been asked to be a presenter at the XBiz Awards on Thursday night! Woohoo! We also went over all the information for my radio interview tomorrow morning at 10a on Sam and Suzy in the Morning on LA Talk Radio. The Live Call in Number for the Show is: 1-818-602-4929. Call and talk to me in the morning!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

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