Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog 310: NYC Day 2: Last Night Roots @ Roseland/ John Legend Release Party

How many OKP went to last night's show? It was truly hotness...

* Estelle jumping on stage to sing "You got me" with the band
* Kirk's guitar solo leading out of that into Sweet Child of Mine, Bad to the Bone, and a Led Zepplein joint.
* Q-Tip hopping on stage
* Mos Def rocking the mic

I attended the show with my girl Ivory from Road Rules, Sara Jay and Loni Mallory.

Left the show and joined Ivory at the John Legend release party. One word: Decadent. 4 more words: Dom P Open Bar. Yah... After having 3 bombay sapphire and cran's at the concert, I was not prepared for the 2 glasses of champagne that followed. Luckily I don't get hang overs or that could have been ugly. :)

Left the party a little early and headed over to Socialista, a little bar not far from the John Legend joint with a new friend... Got into a deep political convo with the promoter and friends about Barack, McCain and the whole bullshit that is ahead of us.

I still heart NY.

Now I'm off to a shoot in fricken Yonkers. :( I just want to mill around in bed all day... but such is life. Later this evening its a meeting with about a possible column then over to the Busta joint. :)

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