Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog 309: Tyra Day 1/ Hip Hop Heaven

So day one of the Tyra Show was fucking awesome. The contrat we signed prevents me from blogging, (guess they should have said something about that BEFORE I went on the show to preempt the blogger in me...) I will say this, they will have to do some REALLY creative editing to make me look like a sleaze bag, know nothing... The girls were all cool, and I am actually looking forward to Thursday where we actually meet Tyra and do her show. I just want to see how she is going to try to twist my words, like she usually does when porn people are on... or if she is going to let me be me.. proud, intelligent and cool. :)

After we finished taping last night, I went on Lip Service on Shade 45 along with Juelz Santana, Skull Gang and Rabbit from Real Chance at Love, then headed down to the Bowery Hotel to Q-Tip's release party for "Renaissance." First, Ladies, let me say that Q-Tip is SO fine!! And Kevin Liles is a cutie. :) I met up with my boy Craig G (from the legendary juice crew,) snuck past the red carpet (my top wouldn't stay up and I was trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction on camera,) had 3 bombay sapphire and cranberry, and felt like I was in hip hop heaven. Everyone was there... Kweli, Mark Ronson, Nas, it was like a dream to be in the company of all these amazing people. It took Tip almost 30 minutes to name off all the legends and artists that attended last night. It was so cute, funny almost... as people would be talking to Craig, notice me, and ask if I was who they thought I was. It was clearly, awesome being fawned over all night by my adoring celebrity fans. One guy approached and said we'd chatted on BGOL before, and another guy asked to take a picture with me, making me blush and Craig die laughing...

Tonight's The Roots/ Gym Class Heros at Roseland, tomorrow I'm shooting for a local big butt site, then checking out Busta at the Knitting Factory.

All I can say is... I heart NY.

~*~ Sinn ~*~

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