Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog 331: Preparing for AVN

All day I've been running around like mad. The week of AVN is always hectic... My morning started when I ran into a problem with the files I sent to the printer for our flyers. RGB not CMYK, wrong image size, wrong DPI... *sigh* I worked diligently on the photos until 2pm then showered and ran out to the bank - just in time before they closed. Then I had to go to Time Warner to politely curse them out about a $500 credit that I was granted, then was removed because "a manager didn't authorize it." (Back in November I was granted this credit because a customer service rep in store found that I'd been overcharged since January.) I threatened to switch my bundled service, (phone, internet and cable,) to AT&T if it wasn't fixed post haste and refused to pay my current bill until properly credited as well. Then I had to high tail it cross town, 30 minutes in rush hour traffic to Julian St. Jox's house to pay for my room in Vegas. I book a time share through him every year, (more space, more comfortable, off the strip and much less money...) Then back cross town, fighting sleep on the freeway... That was SO dangerous, but I made it.

Once home, I rang Jax to let him know I made it safely while starting dinner. I roasted a whole chicken, (thank god for my convection oven,) made garlic spinach and a touch of stuffing for the kidlet. Unfortunately, I had a few slices of cheese before dinner and that combined with my diet pills has left me full... but not too full to enjoy an orange soy dream bar. :)

Now I'm sitting here ready to start working on the photos again, renewed energy and focus. Gotta get them done asap. My (step)dad is arriving tomorrow to keep an eye on the kidlet while I am in Vegas, (usually its my mom but she's undergoing therapy for her back due to 3 herniated discs...) I'm so glad I get to spend a day with him before I leave and again when I get home. I'm so excited, having dinner with he and Jax tomorrow night so the two most important men in my life can finally meet! :-)


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  2. Yea, rgb versus cmyk can get you...

    Cool that your stepdad can meet Jax. Man, its been so long since I have had to introduce or meet parents; I was always good with the first impression.