Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog 339: Simplying the Complicated

"A person who weighs 200 pounds on Earth would weigh about 32 pounds on the moon. Find the weight of a person on Earth who would weigh 15 pounds on the moon."

This was a real proportions word problem on my daughter's 6th grade honors math homework tonight. To solve the problem:

200/32 = x/15

32x = 200x15
32x = 3000
32x/32 = 3000/32
x = 93.75 lbs.

Ok wait... who the fuck weighs 93.75 lbs? Unless you are like.. I don't know, 14 years old? Lol!

Sorry... I'm high on dark hot chocolate with whipped cream and the thrill of remembering how to create equations from word problems and solving them correctly. :) Out of 32 problems, I found 7 errors. Not to mention, I just realized that my daughter's teacher isn't showing them the proper way to solve the equations... or at least she isn't doing it correctly. I seem to remember my dad looking at my homework when I was a kid and telling me that there was an easier way to solve the problems so that I not only "got it," but was able to recheck my work to make sure it was done correctly. Tonight I was looking at her paper and trying to figure out how the hell she came to her answers... because it looked a total mess. I finally realized that he was teaching them to find lowest common multiples, (a total waste of fucking time,) and dividing or multiplying each side by it. Now... I was a math FREAK in school, and I'm starting to understand why pre-algebra was so difficult and why that was the turning point for my love affair with numbers until geometry came along. I like simple answers and concrete solutions. Geometry was tangible. All that solving for X,Y,A,B or C crap made no sense to me at all. After all, Letters weren't numbers. :)

But now I looking at her homework, it all seems so simple to me. I guess my dad's lessons stuck, (and those years of trig, calc, and that damn probability and statistics class...) I am starting to understand why it takes my daughter so fucking long to do her homework and why she's losing her passion for numbers. We can't have that... now can we?

I suppose we'll be having an impromptu lesson on how to simplify and solve these equations tomorrow before school. :)

In thinking about how convoluted something so simple has become, it gives me pause to think about how so many things in life have become more complicated than they really need to be. Or conversely, how sometimes we approach things as though they are so simple they don't require much thought at all... Both are counterproductive and waste time and energy.

I'm very focused on work right now. I am getting organized and have had 2 days of shoots for my new foot fetish store and shot 10 clips in the last week. Just 4 more clips and I will be ready to launch the new store! Next up I will be shooting content for my fart fetish/ ass worship store, then once completed I will be shooting content for my FemDom/ BDSM store. :)

Today I went to Playboy Radio for a brief meeting to complete payroll paperwork and listen in on Taylor Wane hosting Private Calls to get a feel for the show. I will be hosting the show on this Thursday evening and am organizing my thoughts on great topics to talk about. I've had a few glitches in my schedule... people that want to make what should be simple transactions so much more complicated than need be... so I've been simply cutting ties with them so that I can stay focused. I have never understood people that create drama in situations where there doesn't need to be. I've learned over the years that if you 1) establish the goal, 2) figure out the path to achieve the goal and 3) follow the path with little deviation... anything is possible. I am the Queen of multitasking. Not everyone likes to do it, but sometimes its absolutely necessary. I suppose being a mom its become necessary for me to wear multiple hats all the time. I have learned not to be in such a hurry to get things done, but to rather give myself realistic goals and time frames to complete them so as not to stress myself out.

One of the things I've struggled with in the past is staying on task. I'm so good at multitasking that sometimes I will have 10 incomplete projects going on at once. One of my lessons from last year was to complete projects in order of importance and not straying from task or taking on more than I can chew. I've also learned to delegate responsibility. I have learned to let my agent book my shoots and hired a publicist just before AVN to handle all the requests for interviews, night club and party hosting and in store appearances. I am horrible in getting back to people by email and getting stuff like this on the calendar and find that this may just be the most brilliant decision I've made of the year so far. Now, to just find an editor to handle all the new content I'm shooting! :)

I'm hoping by reducing my work load, I will be able to spend more time doing the stuff I love as promised in my 2008 year end wrap up blog. :)

Now, Off to bed... I'm up in 2 hours to get the kidlet off to school!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

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