Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog 332: Day 2 AEE preparation

Today was another hectic day. I started off working on photos of Kitten, Kapri and myself to be used as posters for's booth. From 11am-5pm I was locked in front of my computer. I was extremely frustrated when not once, but twice, my large files
would not upload to the printer's site. Now I'll have to burn them to disc and get them to a FedEx Kinkos in Vegas for printing. I did manage to get to the printer in LA in time to pick up our flyers, then scurried cross the valley to my nail salon. I'd called 3 times during the day to schedule an appointment but she wasn't answering. I made it only to find...

She was closed.

I went to the backup salon, a little hole in the wall run by an older Asian lady. They were closing up. She sent me to a place across the street.

Finally! I sat in the chair and got a much needed mani/ pedi. :)

Back home, I made pizza & a salad, and started laundry. I slipped out to the drugs store to pick up lashes and other must-have's for the convention floor. $70 later.. I had everything from firewood for my dad and kidlet while I'm away to creamy tomto soup to take on the road with me. Lol! Is it just me...? Or are 24 hour drug stores the most dangerous place for your wallet? Its like they have EVERYTHING you need whether you need it or not.

Now here I sit. 2 loads left to wash and I'm STILL not packed. I want to make sure the kidlet has clean clothes and my dad has whatever he needs readily available including a list of things to do and places to go while I'm away.

I'm debating packing up my lights, tri-pod and webcam so I can do some cam while I'm in Vegas. I think it'd be fun to hop online at least an hour or two a day from the privacy of our suite. I'll be rooming with Kitten and Kapri is staying in the same resort. Every year, I get a 2bedroom suite at a timeshare so I can have breakfast and dinner and relax while I'm there instead of running up a huge room service bill. During AEE it usually takes anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour to receive your food order... and dinner is the worst! With limited time in between signing and obligatory parties, its necessary to maximize every minute I have.

I spoke with Sara Jay today and am going to try to shoot content with her during my down time. I'm also planning to shoot some content with my good friend, Mistress Delilah of NYC while in town. Delilah is signing at Kick Ass Picture's booth during the show. I have received emails from 2 slaves, one I've shot before on and another who contacted me on MaxFisch regarding his availability during AEE. I'm hoping to shoot as much content for both my hardcore site and my fetish sites.

Off to pack so I can get some sleep before my early morning starts!

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