Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog 337: Love and the Obama Administration

Once the great Love in the White House was known as Camelot... Now there are the Obamas.

This is not going to be one of my more eloquent blogs. I wish it were... but I have so many thoughts going through my head and I just want to get it out. So let me preface this by saying forgive the flow of this blog... but try to understand. :)

Throughout the election I did my bit in expressing my adoration for my candidate's platform and made sure I looked at all the interviews and debates so I would be a well informed citizen... not simply caught up in the hype of a rock star candidate. I voted for the then senator, based on the issues that are important to me and my family, so my voice would be heard. On election night, like many others, I cried after the words, "Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States of America," were recited. The historical impact of Mr. Obama's election to the highest office in our country affected me because for the first time since I began voting 17 years ago, I felt like I was truly going to be represented in the White House, not just because of the color of Obama's skin, but his ideals, his views, his politics and his dreams.

Later on, I began to realize just how significant his election would truly be and the impact it would have on my community... Not only would there be a Black man holding the highest executive position in the country, but there would be a Black family living in the White House that were not servants. There would be little Black girls playing on the stairs and running around the White House lawn, not as visitors, but as residents...

What's perhaps as equally important to me, is the comfort, ease and LOVE displayed between President and Michelle Obama. They have unwittingly become role models for young people, to show just what a relationship can be. So often, we become caught up in our individual pursuits that we fail to acknowledge or bend to fit our partner into our lives. Or on the converse, we fall into the myth that "two become one," that we cease to be ourselves. Michelle and Barack have shown that even within the confines of a relationship, you can still pursue your individual dreams. They have each shown what can be possible with education, hope and perseverance. They have shown what can happen when you have someone to lean on and support your dreams...

Michelle inspires me. I view this Ivy league educated woman, who despite a high powered job of her own, could look at her husband with so much LOVE and agree to set her professional goals aside to support her man on a journey that today lead them to living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. She epitomizes the scripture, "Love is not selfish..." You can just tell, when she looks at him, that she loves him more than anything. When he gazes back at her, you can tell that he loves her too. They do not put on airs in public, merely waving at the crowd and smiling... they kiss, they hug they LOVE publicly. I see it in their eyes, their caresses, their smiles at one another. It is so obvious that the love each other unabashedly. That sort of love should be the goal of any couple in love.

When I read President Obama's letter to his daughter's Sasha and Malia, or when I've seen him interact with them on television or in the rare interview, you can tell that this is a man that truly adores his family. His speech the other night about the responsibility of the Black Man to his family and where they have fallen off, it reassured me that this is a man that will hopefully influence how young men in the future will view family and responsibility as well.

But back to the First couple... The youth and vitality of this couple along with their love gives me hope that there will actually be a couple with a healthy relationship in the White House. I look at them and feel reassured that there will be no indiscreet affairs with interns or separate bedrooms for this couple. I see their affection towards one another and envision a President unwinding in bed with his wife, even if only for a moment. I perhaps fantasize of Michelle in a slinky piece of barelly there fabric from La Perla, inviting the Commander in Chief into the Lincoln Bedroom whispering, "Mr. President," in a voice more sultry than Marilyn Monroe... I can only imagine the sexual role-play that will happen in bedrooms across America tonight as people will pretend to be The President and The First Lady... but know that none of it will compare to the real deal.

As I watch CNN tonight, viewing the footage of him excusing himself from his speech at the Youth Ball so he could, "dance with my wife," as he said... I can't help but smile knowing that he claims her so publicly. When he whispers in her ear and she smiles ear to ear.. I can only imagine the very private things they share in the midst of so many thousands of people.

I'm so happy that for the first time in a long time... there is Love in the White House that will hopefully influence how the rest of us Love one another.

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  1. I remember thinking before the Democratic candidate was determined that one of the things that made Obama stick out was the vitality and vivacity of his marriage. They weren't cardboard cut outs politely positioned in an appropriate hierarchy. Their relationship is inspiring at times like these: healthy, equal, happy and intense. Their family is more relative and inspiring than any Presidential family before. It's nice to have them represent the national face of America, they seem so much more real and human.